Dick's Drive-In Will Serve Burgers for 19 Cents for One Day This Month

January 24, 2019

There are a ton of things that makes Seattle, Seattle. Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, flannel!  And of course, the glory that is Dick’s Drive In. It's so good, Sir Mix-a-Lot name dropped it in a dang song! 

Seattle’s legendary burger joint turns 65 on January 29th and to celebrate, Dick's is hooking people up with cheeseburgers for 19 cents! The same price it charged back in 1954 when it opened. 




Finally, something to spend your nickles and pennies that you keep in an old coffee cup on your dresser on. NICE. Time travel without the use of a Tardis or Delorean, pretty sweet….although I guess you could hit up someone in the local DeLorean club and ask them to give you a ride. HEY! Now that’s a great idea! 


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