The END Zone: Week 10 NFL Preview

November 9, 2016

Sometimes the bad guys win, in sports and in life. Enjoy the games this week. 


Cleveland vs. Baltimore: Baltimore

Kansas City vs. Carolina: Kansas City

LA Rams vs. NY Jets: LA Rams

Atlanta vs. Philadelphia:  Atlanta

Houston vs. Jacksonville: Jacksonville

Miami vs. San Diego:  San Diego

Dallas vs. Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh

Denver vs. New Orleans: Denver

Green Bay vs. Tennessee: Green Bay

Minnesota vs. Washington: Washington

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay

San Francisco vs. Arizona: Arizona

Seattle vs. New England: New England


The Matt Saracen All-Star Team

Every week we will reward a player who channeled their inner QB1 and had the best fantasy football week. 

Week 8's All-Star is Latavius Murray. He had 3 touchdowns and 110 yds rushing against a very good Denver defense. 

Week 1: AJ Green
Week 2: Cam Newton
Week 3: Marvin Jones
Week 4: Julio Jones
Week 5: Martellus Bennett
Week 6: Jay Ajayi
Week 7: Jay Ajayi

Week 8: Derek Carr

Week 9: Latavius Murray

Suicide Squad Pick of the Week

Knock-out/Suicide pools are becoming quite popular these days, so each week I'll share with you my pick for the week....that will inevitably lose on a last second FG EVERY TIME. 

Week 1: Seattle
Week 2: Carolina
Week 3: Dallas
Week 4:  Arizona - #RIP
Week 5: Indianapolis
Week 6: Pittsburgh - #RIP
Week 7: Cincinnati
Week 8: Patriots

Week 9:  New Orleans

Week 10: Baltimore