Essential Smashing Pumpkins Songs

March 7, 2018

Growing up in the midwest in the heyday of "grunge" music, The Smashing Pumpkins were basically our Nirvana.  So I'm probably a little over excited at the prospect of seeing the band with the (alomst) original line up at Key Arena this August!  And even though Billy Corgan has done a significant amount of damage to the Smashing Pumpkins brand over the last few years (pretty much ever since he went bald really), their early music still really holds up, and in some cases, has really gotten better with age.  Check out this list of my essential Smashing Pumpkins songs. Maybe they'll even use this as a set list when they come to town, you guys! 

Oh, I should probably preface this by saying I prefer my Smashing Pumpkins loud and angry, so you won't be seeing songs like Tonight, Tonight or Landslide on this list.  Also, Landslide sucks. Don't @ me.  /end rant

This song sounds better today than it did back when it was released on the criminally underrated album Gish

The template for what was to come as the band refined it sound.  

This makes my top 10 "first songs on an album" list without question.  As soon as that drum roll hits I get chills.

When the distortion hits tho.....

My favorite SP song of all time. It features a little bit of everything you love about SP.  Beautiful riffs, heavy crunch, perfection.  

One of the first SP songs to ever get radio play, and for good reason.  

Such a lovely ode to teen age rebellion and that "anything is possible, nothing is possible" feeling we all had when we were 16

This song is a meme now, but its still great.

Such a glam rock jam.  This wouldn't have made any sense on Siamese Dream, but on its own, it rocks. 

Angry Billy 

I always felt this was a criminally overlooked song and should have gotten more attention