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Essential Songs From Beck

October 13, 2017

The cool thing about Beck is that you never really know where he is going to go with his music.

One minute he's singing in Spanish over robot beeps and bops, the next he's winning a dang Grammy for an album of folk/Americana music.  He is truly an artist unbound by expectations, which is what makes him so great. His new album Colors dropped today, and to celebrate here are some essential tracks to put on any Beck playlist. 

Sexx Laws- this is peak Weird Beck.  Bonus points for the Jack Black appearance

Lost Cause- Can a hit album not have a hit song?  Sea Change proves that it is possible. This is my favorite song off an album that showed the softer side of Beck for the first time.

Debra- Beck pays homage to Prince

Blue Moon- Anytime you write music that makes Kanye West mad, you deserve to be commended for it.  

Enjoy the new album, you guys!