Essential Weezer Songs

October 27, 2017

Weezer is back with their new album, the ode to California (look out RHCP, Weezer is coming for your gimmick), Pacific Daydream. To celebrate, let's look back on their entire library and pick some essential tracks.  These belong on any proper Weezer playlist.

El Scorcho 
Weezer fans waited anxiously for their follow up to the Blue Album and when it arrived, we got....this? Pinkerton was widely panned when it came out, to the point that it drove Rivers into seclusion, but it is now widely considered their best album.  Wrestling references, Green Day disses, this song has everything. 

Say it Ain't So
This is the best Weezer song ever recorded.  Might not be your favorite (mine either), but it is the best.

Buddy Holly
Hey, if its good enough for the Fonz, its good enough for you. 

Pink Triangle
The autobiographical account of Rivers falling in love with a woman who turns out to be a lesbian. 

LA Girlz
In case you haven't realized yet, I am a Weezer traditionalist so anything post- Green Album is pretty trash to me honestly. That said, this sounds like something that belongs on Pinkerton or Blue or Green, and that's probably why its the only post Make Believe song to make the list. 

Perfect Situation 

Undone (The Sweater Song)
This song came out at the height of the angsty grunge era and reminded us that rock and roll doesn't always have to be mad at the world, it can be fun too! Bonus points for Rivers' haircut in this video. 

Simple Pages
This makes the list for one reason. It was the song my band in college started our shows with.  We were Weezer nerds and we slayed!

Only In Dreams 
Who knew Weezer had an 8-minute opus in them? 

My Name is Jonas
There is an argument to be made that this is the most underrated song FROM ANY BAND EVER! Not to mention one of the best first songs on an album ever. 

Agree or disagree with this list?

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