#FlatManley Had The Best Summer Camp

August 16, 2016

Physics will tell you that it's impossible to be in two places at once, but I am here to tell you that's a bunch of malarkey!

Ever year, roughly 17 million people head to Marymoor Park for Summer Camp, and every year I try, and inevitably fail, to meet them all. It's the worst! Partially because I love the attention, but mostly because its one of the few times a year that I get to finally see all of the friends that I talk to through the radio.

This year I was determined to try to change that, so I came up with a plan. When I was a kid, one of my teachers gave me a Flat Stanley to take on vacation, to take pictures with that I would share with the class when I got back. It was super fun, so I decided to take that concept to the next, more handsome (obvi) level. I created FLAT MANLEY. Check him out! 

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It began simply enough, a little cut and paste and we were ready.

The finished product. 

Presented without comment.

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Only minutes after the doors opened, this dude was getting all the chicks.

Sweet paint job!

I scream, you scream, even Flat Manley screams for ice cream. Especially on Saturday when it was SO hot.

Summer Camp with the bestie-- #summercamp2016 #flatmanley

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@manchild1077 #flatmanley met @heygregr dinosaur -- @1077theend #SummerCamp2016

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Once sworn enemies, it was good to see FM and tiny rubber dinosaur put aside their differences in celebration of live music. 

FM was so excited to finally meet his favorite DJ, Gregr!

Took a break from Summer Camp to watch a little TV. Stranger Things, obvi.

@manchild1077 and his Flat Manley posse! #2minutepromise #summercamp2016 #flatmanley #nwisbest #seattle #pnw #generalassembly #lifeatga #lifeatga_sea

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There is way too much me in this one.

Lexi and her friend had probably the most fun with FM at Summer Camp. She's taking him to Europe next. I can't wait to see the photos from that! 

@1077theend host #manley living large at day 1 of #summercamp2016 -- #1077theend #1077 #concert #savoiaphotographylive #crowd #cutout #handsup #radiostation #musicphotography #dj #radiopersonality #concertphotography #musicfestival #marymoorpark #manchild1077 #flatmanley

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How he got on stage without proper credentials is beyond me

Barns Courtney was fire. Get it, FIRE? 

My homie Tytan and #FlatManley. -Manley #SummerCamp2016

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This is Tytis and he is my favorite. We made up a secret handshake (can't show you, its a secret), compared muscles, and check out his sweet haircut! Seaaaa.....

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Even Young the Giant wanted to get their picture taken with FM! COOL!

What an amazing weekend! If you still have your Flat Manley, lets keep this going! Take him to shows, on vacations, and to the bar (Jameson and ginger ale is his drink of choice), then post the photos and use #FlatManley.

First stop Summer Camp 2016, then Ballard, then...who knows.....maybe THE MOON!

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