Fresh from SXSW: Lewis Del Mar

One of the bands discovered at SXSW you NEED to know

April 7, 2016

Going in to South by South West, I had a handy list of all the bands I wanted to see and when I was going to see them. By about dinner time on the first night I quickly realized that plan was already out the window and instead of running all over Austin like a madman, I was better off letting the music lead the way so to speak. 

So I cleared my calendar, that is except for two bands. One of those bands was White Reaper (which ive discussed a billion times already) and the other being Lewis Del Mar. There was a lot of buzz around this band, and I wanted to see it for myself. Let me tell you, I am SO happy I did, because they ended up being one of my favorite bands at the entire festival!

Listen to "Loud(y)" below, and go give it a free download here!