Give Us Your Underwear...For a Good Cause!

December 1, 2015

I can't believe Deck the Hall Ball is just a week away!  And while today is officially #GivingTuesday, there's no reason you can't also give next Tuesday as well.  In, fact, we are making that super easy.  We want your underpants!  Wait, don't freak out, its for a good cause.  In fact, its a GREAT cause.  We are collecting **NEW** underwear to help our friends at Youth Care.  You did a phenomenal job bringing socks last year to Deck The Hall Ball, so this year Youth Care is asking for another undergarment...underpants.  Just like last year, we will have collection bins by the entrances to Key Arena so you can easily drop them off before you head down to watch your favorite band play (If you want to keep a pair to throw on stage when I come out, that would totally be cool and make me feel like a real rock star.) Youth Care helps adolescents (12-24yr old) who find themselves struggling on the streets of Seattle.  The cool thing is Youth Care isn't just a bed and a meal kind of place.  They also offer education and employment options!  Being a teen is hard enough, imagine having to do it without a roof over your head? Crazy.  Let's go Seattle!  Bring some undies to Deck the Hall Ball and help us show homeless teens they aren't forgotten.

Learn more about Youth Care HERE and I'll see you and your underpants on 12/8!