Goodnight Sweet Prince

April 22, 2016

24 hours have passed and I still feel all kinds of sad about the passing of Prince.  Like a lot of you I'm sure, he left an indelible mark on my life.  One of my earliest musical memories is sneaking up to my best friend's older sister's room to listen to her Bowie and Prince records until she caught wind of it and chased us out, threatening our lives if we scratched her wax. Years later my grandma, who is one of the coolest ladies ever, got me Prince tickets for my 18th birthday.  I swear to God Prince came up from under the stage and as soon as the music hit he jumped up and did the splits, sliding all the way from one side of the stage to the next. To this day that remains a top 3 concert of all time for me.  I went to college in Minneapolis and went to shows at First Ave.  I've even been to Paisley Park.  But really none of that matters. What matters is through his music, and style, and punk rock attitude (seriously, he was every bit as subversive as any punk band that ever was), Prince shaped my life, and that's way cooler than anything else.  Its amazing what the power of music can do isn't it?  Maybe your Prince is Billy Joe Armstrong, or Lorde, or 21 Pilots. My advice to you is go see them, A LOT.  Spend too much on a bootleg version of your favorite song.  Get them to RT you. Wear their tshirts all the dang time. Make memories with them, they'll stay with you forever.  Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.....

RIP Prince, I plan on spending a good amount of time listening to his Coachella set from 2008 that somehow made it on the internet.  The link is below!