Help The Melodic Caring Project Bring Concerts to Kids in Hospitals

March 19, 2019


A few weeks ago I was approached to host a charity auction (thats my side hustle, you guys!) for an organization that turned out to be so cool I absolutely had to share their mission with you.  Seattle music is no doubt the best music, and my new friends at the Melodic Caring Project bring that music to kids stuck in hospitals for extended periods of time.  They do it by streaming live concerts from local and national acts directly to their hospital rooms.  Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT??  Music plays such an incredibly important part in the lives of kids, especially teens, and the Melodic Caring Project wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to see their favorite bands. Imagine how uplifting and theraputic it would be if you didn't have to miss the next big show at the Paramount or WaMu because you could just watch it from your bed?  I honestly have a hard time putting in to words how cool I think this cause is, and if you would like to help or learn more about this amazing program I've included the link to their website below.  It also includes details about the big party on March 23, maybe I'll see you there?  As always, be excellent to eachother!