Help Pearl Jam Help Seattle

April 25, 2018

As I write this, we are 104 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes away from the greatest band in the history of ever taking the at Safeco, to play their first HOME show in 5 years!  Of course I'm referring to Pearl Jam and of course I am freaking out, they are my favorite band OF ALL TIME!!!  Now, as excited as I am to fulfill a lifelong dream (I'm a massive PJ fan) of seeing Eddie, Jeff, Stone, Mike, Matt, and Boom perform our favorite hits in their hometown, I'm equally thrilled that they are taking this opportunity to do some good for a city who has supported them from day one.  As a part of the Home Shows, Pearl Jam is donating over a million dollars to help battle homelessness in King County, and will be activating the community with awareness and advocacy campaigns leading up to the shows in August (now just 107 days, 10 hours, and 29 minutes away!) Sweet right?  The best part is YOU can get involved too!  Check out the link below and help Pearl Jam help those less fortunate than us, and a big thanks to the guys for having us out to Safeco Field yesterday!  Be Excellent to eachother, and hopefully I'll see you at The Home Shows (now just 107 days, 10 hours, and 27 minutes away!)