I Like Music. You Like Music: Essential Foals Tracks

December 21, 2015

So I just played Spanish Sahara for the End Session Song of the Day and it totally reminded me how dang much I love the band Foals.  A lot of you might just be jumping on board the bandwagon (to which I say WELCOME ABOARD!) and I figured since I'm totally going down the Foals rabbit hole the rest of the day, I'd take you with me. Here are some essential Foals tracks that you need to check out.


FOALS - What Went Down [Official Music Video]

WHAT WENT DOWN - This song has such a great build

Foals - Hummer (official) [HD]

HUMMER- This is probably their most popular early jam. And that haircut!

Foals - Two Steps, Twice - Antidotes


Foals - My Number

MY NUMBER - This is the sound of a band who figured out their sound and then mastered it.  

Foals - This Orient

THIS ORIENT - I LOVE Brit Pop, and this is almost the perfect example of what that means. 

Foals - Inhaler

INHALER - When Holy FIre was announced, a lot of people were telling me that it was going to be their break out album. After hearing this for the first time, I knew they were right.  I remember fighting with my old boss about getting this on the radio, and it eventually becoming one of our most played records. Satisfying!

Foals - Spanish Sahara

SPANISH SAHARA - "I'm the fury in your head. I'm the fury in your bed. I'm the ghost in the back of your head. 'Cause I am" I mean, damn! 

Foals - Bad Habit [Official Video]

BAD HABIT - For me, this is the essential #1 track from Foals catalogue.  The urgency, the groove, its really a perfect song.