I LIke Music. You Like Music: Essential RHCP Tracks Chosen By A Listener

February 4, 2016

A few days ago we told you that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were almost finished recording a new record. Exciting news for sure!  Especially excited was one of our listeners. Her name is Amanda and she is a HUGE RHCP fan.  So huge, in fact, that I asked her to send me her list of essential Chili Pepper tracks. Check it out. Thanks Amanda! 


Name: Amanda

Current Hood: Puyallup

Gig: Android developer

Born: Columbus, OH

First Concert: The Wombats at Neumos in 2008 (won tickets from The End!)

3 Favorite Bands Currently: Alabama Shakes, Black Keys, Foo Fighters


Essential Red Hot Chili Peppers According to Amanda:

7. Dosed

Amanda: "That line about "climb on your seahorse" gets me every time.

6. Scar Tissue

Amanda: "When that came out I was about 18 and I used to pretend I was the "Young tough girl in a pushup bra"" 

5. The Zephyr Song

4. Under the Bridge

Amanda: "one of the songs that made me first want to pick up a guitar!"

3. Breaking the Girl

2. Higher Ground

Amanda: "that's a cover of Stevie Wonder. I heard it in a coming-of-age ballet movie and I was obsessed."

1. Road Trippin

Amanda: "and the #1 RHCP song in my opinion: Road Trippin!! It was so fun to learn to play, and I've forgotten it long ago thankfully. You know how you learn a song, adapt it to your own version, and then that's all you can hear? I'm glad I forgot my bootleg version."



SOLID list, Amanda. Thank you for sharing with our listeners! If YOU want to submit a list of your favorite band's essential tracks, find me on Twitter at @manchild1077