It's Seattle Beer Week. The Best Week of the Year!

May 12, 2016

When I was seventeen, I drank some very good beer..... 

OH HEY! Sorry, I was busy dreaming about one of my favorite beverages ever invented, beer!  As you probably know, Seattle is a major beer town, so it's only natural that our beer week is one of the best in the country.  Seattle Beer Week kicks off tonight, so to make sure we all end up at the best places, have the best beers, and have the most fun, I hit up my good friend Ian Roberts who owns The Pinebox (one of my favorite bars) and is also an organizer of Seattle Beer Week to get a good idea of what we are in for over the next 10 days.

MANLEY: As a massive beer lover, EVERY week is Seattle Beer Week in my world, but this particular Seattle Beer Week…what is it all about?

IAN ROBERTS: Seattle Beer Week is 10 days of the Seattle Beer scene pulling out all of the stops with rare beers, out of town beer celebrities, and over the top events.

MANLEY: It seems like every year this thing keeps getting bigger and bigger.  How many events do you have lined up this year?

IAN ROBERTS: I think we're somewhere in the 200s this year. When we first started Beer Week is was just a handful of our friends at breweries and bars hosting event, now eight years later, craft beer isn't so hard to find in the greater Seattle Area.

MANLEY: I’m partial to the Pine Box Derby myself, but what are some of your favorite events happening this week?

IAN ROBERTS: While Seattle Beer Week is mainly about the amazing beer that Seattle has access to, I enjoy events that get people doing something more than just drinking beer. The beer can derby is my favorite to host because it gets people involved. New Belgium is hosting a bike ride, Naked City is putting on a beer game show called "Barleywood Squares,"  and Beveridge Place pub puts on The Iron Brewer modeled after Iron Chef. There's even heavy metal and bluegrass themed beer events for the music lovers out there.

MANLEY: Seattle is a pretty big IPA town, but I know there are TONS of other options this week.  What brews should I be on the look out for?

IAN ROBERTS: While IPA shall most likely forever reign supreme in the Northwest, there are plenty events that won't even have IPAs at them. Brouwer's Cafe has two events, one featuring all stouts and the other sour beers. The Masonry in Queen Anne, which generally shies away from IPAs has several events with great saison brewers.The Pine Box is hosting a night with Firestone Walker and Holy Mountain full of wild and barrel aged beers, Naked City is doing an event highlighting wood-aged beers made in Washington, and Beveridge place is hosting Bodacious Beverages with barrel-aged brews, sour beers, fruit and spice beers, and anything else unusual they can find.

MANLEY: I believe there is a battle of the brewer bands thing happening this year as well. Tell me more about that.

IAN ROBERTS: It seems that every brewery, bar, or distributor has a handful of people that play music working for them so we opened up an invite for them together. This year we have musicians from Merchant du Vin Imports, Odom Distributing, Prost German Pubs, Artisanal Imports, ABinbev, Diamond Knott Brewing, and the Pine Box. Lot's of punk rock, rock 'n roll, and a Neil Young Cover band called Queasy Horse.

MANLEY: What are the three can’t-miss beers available during Seattle Beer Week.

IAN ROBERTS: If you had to drink one beer this week it would be the Official Beer of Seattle Beer Week, The Daily Pale brewed by Reubens Brews. Beyond that it's a long list of awesome and rare beers flowing across Seattles Taps.

MANLEY: Last question - Chances are I’m going to be waking up with a few hangovers over the course of this celebration, what is your go to hangover cure?

IAN ROBERTS: It's Beer Week, Why hangover when you can hang on? A little hair of the dog always does the trick.


BEST ANSWER EVER!  You can participate in Seattle Beer week from May 12th through the 22nd.  Hope to see you out at a bunch of events, and of course, if you spot me around town make sure to have a beer with me! Cheers, and have fun at Seattle Beer Week.