Manley previews his trip to SXSW

What is Manley most excited for, Bats, BBQ or Barns Courtney?

March 11, 2016

It takes a lot to get me to leave Seattle these days. Afterall, with Taco Time, Uncle Ike’s, Sun Liquor and Lil Woody’s all right here, I’m pretty set. 

That said, a little sun would be nice. Plus the chance to see 500 bands while smashing killer BBQ was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so I’m packing a suitcase and headed to Austin, TX for South By Southwest Festival next week.

What am I excited for the most?  Glad you asked!

VISITING THE BAT CAVE: I have to be honest, bats really give me the creeps.  But for some reason, I REALLY want to see thousands and thousands of those little rabies-infested critters flying around all at once.  Either it's going to conquer my fear or I’m going to pee my pants… Eeither way it will make for a good story, so I'm down.

EAT ALL THE BBQ: As you know from reading my #sEATtle blogs or from following me on social media (@manchild1077) the only thing I like as much as music is delicious food.  The Seattle BBQ scene is nothing to laugh at (shout outs to Ro Ro’s, Bitterroot, and Drunky’s Two Shoe) but I mean, come on, Texas BBQ is next level!  The Salt Lick, Franklin and la Barbecue are at the top of my list!

SEE SOME BANDS: I mean, I guess while I’m there I might as well catch a few bands, right? I’m a huge garage rock/post-punk fan so there are a ton of bands I’m excited to see.  At the top of my list, without question, is Barns Courtney, Beach Slang and DZ Deathrays. Honestly, if those are the only bands I see, I will leave happy….

But here are a few others:

**If you have any suggestions please let me know!**

Bleached | PWR BTTM | Twin Peaks | Iggy Pop | Car Seat Headrest (Seattle represent!) | Aurora | Declan McKenna | Anderson Paak (Dr. Dre protégé!) | Wall | Naps | Yung | Wildhoney

SEE THE SUN: You remember that bright ball of fire in the sky that blankets us in warmth and light between the months of May and August?  Well, in more southern states like Texas, it shines even during this dark gray time of the year AND IM GOING TO SOAK IN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  Seriously, if there’s one thing I’m most excited for on this trip, it’s a little Vitamin D therapy!* 

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• • • 

*After writing this, I checked the weather forcast....welp.