Music Isn't the Only Thing Seattle is Bringing to SXSW

March 12, 2019

This winter is ruining me (much dark, so snow), so I'm headed to Austin, TX to attend SXSW.  I can't wait to discover what will hopefully become your new favorite bands, attend some pretty killer parties, and smash a few Dick's Deluxes!  Thats right, your friendly neighborhood Manley will most defintely be stopping by the Dick's Drive-In Seattle House at SXSW.  And the cool part, is besides burgers and fries, Dick's will also be hosting a bunch of PNW bands as well.  

“At Dick’sdrive in we’re incredibly proud to support our artists and musical community by going to SXSW” says Saul Spady, “We want to support our local musicians as they reach out beyond our community and many of our local budding musicians come to SWSW with no support.  So I had the idea to build an experience for our community and then broadcast it back to Seattle. Dick’s Drive-In knows the music community has always depended on a delicious burger, good fries, and cold shakes after a show.”

I'm hungry already!  Read more about this awesome experience HERE, and please tell me what bands I should check out while I'm down at SXSW.