NFL Week 11 Preview: Make it Quick

November 16, 2018

I took a day off on Monday, to decompress and what not and it was nice.  What was not nice, was that by doing so it letf me with a short week to get all my work done. Thats the thing about days off, they kind of screw you in the end.  All the stress and tension that you thought you washed away during your extra 24 hours of sweat pants time was just waiting for you on your desk when you got back to work.  Slippery slope, those vacation days.  I say from now on if you take a day off, someone else has to actually do your work for you.  GET ME GREGR ON THE PHONE!


Green Bay vs Seattle- I missed this game last night because I was at a fancy dinner party, but I didn't see any headlines about Packers coach Mike McCarthy getting fired this morning, so I assume Green Bay won?

Carolina vs Detroit- Lions coach Matt Patricia made his team practice in the snow this week. Savy move to toughen up a team for this week's big game in Ford Field...which is a dome.  Donk move of the week. 

Tampa Bay vs NY Giants- The Bucs outgained their opponent last week 501 yds to 286. AND LOST!  

Dallas vs Atlanta- I bet Jerry Jones sneaks in to his gigantic stadium and plays RDR2 on that gigantic jumbotron that hangs over the field.  I know I would. 

Houston vs Washington- The Racist Team Names were out gained by their opponent last week 501 yds to 286. AND WON!

Tennessee vs Indianapolis- This could've been a white helmet game (my favorite!) but the dumb Titans switched their color scheme up this year and now rock a dark blue lid.  Disappointing.

Cincinnati vs Baltimore-  Let the Lamar Jackson era begin!  

Pittsburgh vs Jacksonville- LeVeon Bell didn't report to the team this week which means his season is officially over.  I hate him and will never draft him in Fantasy football ever again.  <drafts him next year, probably>

Denver vs LA Chargers- Phillip Rivers and his 18 children could probably beat the Broncos at this point. 

Oakland vs Arizona- I will give you 30 seconds to name the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals without can't

Philadelphia vs New Orleans- Is Drew Brees having the best season of his career?  

Minnesota vs Chicago- Hard to believe that this game is for control of the NFC North, but here we are.  Also Mitch Trubisky is the perfect name for a quarterback of a Chicago team.  I bet hot dog stands all across town will be selling Trubiskis before games. Polish sausages with Chicago dog fixings.  I'd eat one! 

Kansas City vs LA Rams- This game was supposed to be down in Mexico, but the field they were supposed to play on was so bad the NFL had to move it to LA.  Well, thats what they want you to think.  In truth, there was no way the League wanted its marquee matchup of the season to be held out of the country.  Now there's a good harmless conspiracy theory I can get behind.  Someone bring me my tinfoil hat! 


Last week's record-  8-6

Overall record- 94-53-2