That One Time...I Almost Killed Silversun Pickups

February 9, 2017

It's no surprise that being a world (city) famous (barely) radio star comes with a pretty sweet lifestyle, and a lot of times I find myself in situations where all I can think of is "can you believe this?!"  

For the sake of entertainment (for you) and embarrassment (for me), I thought it would be fun to share some of those photos and the stories that accompany them with you. So without further ado...

Here's the story of that one time I almost killed Silversup Pickups. 

Up until the mid-2000s, go-karting was one of the most underwhelming things you could do. Sure, in theory the thought of you and your buddies racing around a track in a game of real life Mario Kart SOUNDS like fun, but that excitement is quickly extinguished when you realize the karts go about 3.4 mph tops and Clark, the pimply faced course "sheriff" is waiting for you in turn three to escort you off the track because you put your pal in the wall, which is frowned upon.


The worst. Thankfully we live in the future now, and adult go-kart racing is a thing, and these puppies fly now!  You have to wear a helmet and watch a safety video before you are even allowed on the track. COOL! I had to try it, and I figured who would be more fun to race against than our friends in Silversun Pickups?

A thing to note about Silversun Pickups - they are the COOLEST and were more than down to go for a spin. Things started off great, Brian (singer) jumped out to a quick lead, while Christopher (drummer), my brother, and I were neck and neck, hot on his heels. Until.......we went 3 wide in a tight turn and I bumped my bro, who bumped Christopher, who then bumped the wall AND FLIPPED OVER!

I couldn't believe it. I spent the rest of the lap pee'ing my pants because I was positive we killed the drummer of Silversun Pickups. Let me tell you, thinking you killed a guy is not a good feeling! Those damn reckless Manley boys would be blamed for the canceled show, the breakup of the band, and the end of go kart racing in Las Vegas.

As we made our way back around the track and toward the scene of the crime, I was sure a flaming car and mangled rock star awaited us, but to my surprise, he was nowhere to be found.   

As the race ended and we pulled into the pits, everyone was laughing and high-fiving over how awesome of an experience we had.  It kind of played like the post-battle scene in Anchorman. "I finished 1st!" "Brian, you really hit those turns with precision!" "Joe almost killed a guy! Yeah, been meaning to talk to you about that...."  

Well, everyone except me. I expected to be greeted by a broken drummer, a furious band manager, and a lawsuit. After coming to a full and complete stop I grabbed Brian and began to apologize, but before I got a chance, Christopher ran up to us, screaming "That was awesome!!!" and then Brian started screaming "That was awesome!!!" And then Nikki started screaming "That was terrifying!!!" Thankfully, no members of SSPU were hurt during the making of this story, although my brother and I are banned from any and all go-kart racing venues in Las Vegas until the year 2020.

A small price to pay for being able to tell your friends about that one time...we almost killed Silversun Pickups. 

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