Q&A: Discover and Download artist, Paerish

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February 18, 2016

Before I ever thought about getting into radio, I was always obsessed with finding the newest and coolest music. I’d sneak out of school (not recommended) to hit up the local record stores to chat up the clerks and listen to anything and everything they would suggest. I’d make playlists for all my friends and was totally that guy who would hear a new song on the radio and go “pfffft! I’ve been listening to that album for months.”


In fact, it is still the best!  Pretty cool to think that I grew up and made a career out of that, right?  Way to go, me!  Anyway, I was digging all over the internet one day looking for songs I felt were worthy of Seattle’s attention when I stumbled across this band out of Paris, France.  They’re called Pærish, and I think they are awesome!  These dudes are so fresh they don’t even have a wiki yet (let a lone a U.S. record deal) so I had to contact them personally to find out what their deal was.

• • • • •

MANLEY: It seems like you have started to gain quite the following in your hometown of Paris. When and where did you all meet and how did you get your start as a band?

PÆRISH: It all started five years ago in a Parisian film school. Martin (bass) and I were studying film production and Julien (drums) was doing sound engineering studies. We became friends very quickly, sharing many different bands between the US and Scottish rock scenes.We started writing stuff on our own as a mutual passion. Two years later, Fred (guitar) joined the band and we then started playing out as much as possible. 

MANLEY: So five years! You have been playing music together for quite a while then, how does it feel to know your debut album is coming out this year and what can listeners expect from the first listen?

PÆRISH: It feels incredible! We have been working so hard on this album and we can’t wait to have people finally listening to it. A debut album is usually the purest, most honest songs you might hear from a band and I think that’s what people can expect from it: rough catchy songs composed between five years of friendship.

MANLEY: As self-described “90’s kids,” what bands have influenced the type of music you have been writing for the new record?

PÆRISH: We all grew up listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, Weezer. That was the obvious start for us to start playing music together. We also have been influenced by Scottish bands like Biffy Clyro, We Were Promised Jetpacks, and that’s what lead us into recording our album in Glasgow. 

MANLEY: What bands (other than yourself) should people be listening to?

PÆRISH: Some of the bands we listen to the most are probably Violent Soho, Modern Baseball, Wavves, Title Fight, Pile, Turnover, Pinegrove, Manchester Orchestra, Superheaven…Also if you’re looking for French bands, you might want to listen to our friends from Kid North, Lodges, Hightower, Man is Not a Bird and Summer Video Club. 

MANLEY: We at The End have been seriously digging your tune ‘Undone.’ Any plans to come stateside any time soon?

Pærish: We are so thankful for the support of The End. To have a radio station in a city with such history in helping to break some of our favorite bands is incredible! We hope we can be the next one. We’re actually working on plans to come to the U.S. very soon. Seattle will definitely be one of our stops. We hear camping in the summer is great up there! ;)