Robots, BBQ and fake nurses at SXSW Day 1 with Manley

March 16, 2017

Greetings from Austin, Texas and the South By Southwest Music Festival, the epicenter of the music world for the next few days. Since I like music and you like music (and someone was dumb enough to give me all access passes to everything..again) I thought it would be cool to share my experience with you.

I ordered McDonald's off a touch screen at Sea-Tac before my flight. It was 17% cool, 93% worrisome that the robots are slowly but surely taking over.  Yes, that's 110% because that's what I give, you guys.

Nerd Talk: Robots are terking er jerbs

I SAW THE SUN! It's still there you guys. Someday, it will show itself in Seattle again and it will be glorious.

My hotel is pretty first class, came with a shower cap and everything.

So many mustaches around here.

Lone Star is the Texas version of Rainier. Rainier is better.

My first band of the night was Jain. We snuck in one of our badgeless friends into the venue by telling security he was our nurse. So if you're ever down here and trying to get in somewhere you can't, try it!

Someone brought me a Giannis Antetkounmpo bobble head to add to the station didn't even survive the first night. RIP Lil Giannis

Minus the bear is still awesome. Much more awesome than the free tacos that were being handed out during their set. Taco Time has spoiled me.

For the second year in a row, I dragged friends to a show that ended up getting canceled. That's kind of makes me the worst

Bishop <clap> Briggs <clap> is <clap> such <clap> a <clap> beast <clap>! There were sound problems during her set, along with another band playing on a stage right behind her (terrible set up) and none of it stopped her. Go see her when she comes to town!

Who I saw: Jain, Sylvan Esso, Minus the Bear, Bishop Briggs, Marian Hill.

Da Real MVP: The hot links at Stubbs. I could eat 100 of them.

Noms: sausage mcmuffin. Brisket, pork, and hot links from Stubbs (fat kid ftw!)

Plan for today: seeing Missio, Lo Moon during the day then I'm off to a super fancy dinner. Spoon to close the night.  Spoooooon!!!!

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