Saying Goodbye to Mookie Blaylock

November 17, 2017

I think sometimes because we are just voices that come out of your speakers and weirdos in Instagram photos, people forget that radio hosts are real. But really, we are just like you!

We crave Taco Time, miss the Sonics, and spend all of the winter begging to see a sliver of sunlight, just for a second, just to see how it feels. Just like you, we also have pets. You all know Chowder for sure, but I had a dog too. His name was Mookie Blaylock (that's what Pearl Jam used to call themselves before settling on PJ. Its also why the album is called 10, that was Blaylock's number in the NBA. I am a MAJOR nerd.) and he passed away this week.

It was the worst. When I first got him 14 years ago, he was so small he would sleep in my shoe. Then he grew up and started eating those shoes. Not cool.  My life on the radio has led me on a pretty amazing journey; through three states, a back surgery, crazy rock and roll adventures, super high highs, super low lows, and that little dog was the one constant through it all.

Sometimes I don't know if you guys like me. Sometimes I don't really know if I even like myself. But that little guy ALWAYS thought I was as cool as Dave Grohl, and it was the best.  Mookiedog is sniffing butts up in the stars now, and that makes me sad, but looking back on all the great times we shared makes everything a little better.

Cherish your furry friends, and give them some good ear scratches for me. They are the best. Just like you.

I miss you already. I miss you always.  -Pearl Jam "Smile"