#sEATtle: Best Bites in Seattle in 2016

December 19, 2016

What a great year to be a fat kid, you guys! There were so many incredible restaurants, so many incredible bites of food and so so many Instagram food porn photos (sorry about that)! 

Blogging is now a part of my gig, which means technically I get paid to eat tasty noms. Life goal achieved! I'm so excited to see what happens in 2017, but first let's look back at the year that was.

Here is the list of my favorite bites of food this year. I HIGHLY suggest you try each and every one.

**Bites = not meal, not experience, just a fork full of yummy. 


Windy City Pizza: 

This pizza had eluded me for nearly a year before I finally conquered my own laziness and got my hands on one.  I am a pizza freak, and being from the midwest I know a thing or two about Chicago style.  Windy City checks all the boxes, and oh man, the carmelized cheese "crust," you guys!  2016 was a great year for pizza (Ian's, Sizzle Pie and Dino's I see you, too) but for me, this was my favorite.

Pike Place Market Goodies:

    As any Seattleite knows, Pike Place Market can be an overwhelming experience, but the juice is worth the squeeze, and I finally have my Market routine down.

    Next time your friends from out of town come visit, do this:

    • Start at Daily Dozen Donut Company for some piping hot doughy goodness (cinnamon sugar mix).
    • Then do a little produce shopping (grabbing mushrooms at Sosio's is a must!) until you're ready for lunch.
    • My go tos for lunch are either a grinder from DeLaurenti or the grilled salmon from Market Grill (a Vance Joy favorite).
    • After that, grab your proteins, then swing over to Elleno's for some passion fruit yogurt. Sweet and tart and a perfect mid-afternoon snack.  Best part, once you have your route down, you can get in and out of there in an hour or so!

    Bar Harbor Lobster Roll:

    South Lake Union has gone through quite a renovation over the last few years, and Bar Harbor is quite possibly my favorite addition. This place does lobster rolls and it does them well!  Make no mistake, it's the star of the meal, but don't overlook the cheeseburger tartar.  I know, it sounds weird as hell, and in a way it is, but it's also super yummy and a really fun take on an American staple.

    Sushi Kashiba - All of it: 

    If you want to eat a meal that will literally make you smile with each bite, save up some money (it is definitely expensive) and head over to Sushi Koshiba. Sit at the bar, and simply say "feed me!" Fantastic chefs, and even fantastic-er fresh fish. Every course is perfect. It was one of my favorite meals of all time. In fact, it would be my #1 bite of the year hands down except......

    Bateau burger

    I could wax poetic about the burger at Bateau for hours, but instead, I will leave it at this....THIS IS THE BEST BURGER IN AMERICA. I already raved about why here. It's literally perfect and every time  I mention it, I immediately want to go there. If they opened for lunch I would eat there literally every day until my arteries closed up and then I would die happy. Seriously, eat here.

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