#sEATtle: Best Foods To Cook On The Grill

May 26, 2017

The real first day of summer isn't for a few more weeks, but after a seemingly neverending rain season this year, you can be forgiven if you choose to mark this weekend as your official start to summer.  Which means its time to stock up on sun screen, gas up the boat, and fire up the bar-b-que!  Ahhh summer, where the only thing better than the warm sun hitting your face is the delicious food you'll be cooking over an open flame for the next few months.  And while just about anything can be cooked on a grill, here are some of my recommendations

Zucchini.  I know right? A vegetable to start the list?  While this may seem sacrilege, trust me, its a perfectly healthy and yummy side dish to whatever protein your caveman instincts have decided you want for dinner. Cut a zucchini in to chips, marinate in vinagrette (this sounds crazy but I highly suggest Olive Garden salad dressing) then throw in the grill for a few minutes

Shrimp.  For one, its ALWAYS fun to yell "throw another shrimp on the barbie!"  For two, they only take a minute or so to cook so they make the perfect appetizer while the main course is prepared. 

Burgers.  Lets be real, you eat burgers year round. That said, none of them taste as good as one pulled fresh off a red hot Webber.  Remember, when you're shopping for ground beef to make the patties, the fattier the better! 

Asparagus.  Olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, grill. Sprinkle with real parmesan and boom.  These can be a real show stealer! 

Chicken.  I'd rate chicken higher on this list but if I'm being honest, I always end up over cook chicken and totally dry it out.  Its my grill blind spot, you guys.

Salmon.  Grilling salmon is the best! Especially here in the PNW where the fish is fresh.  Just remember to keep the skin on or wrap it in foil...unless you want to sacrifice half of it to the grill Gods. 

Bratwurst/sausage.  Is there anything better than meat in tube form, cooked over an open flame? The answer is no. Because I grew up in Wisconsin, I'm partial to bratwurst myself, but I also rate a nice kielbasa, and if you ever come across a Hungarian sausage GET IT! Its super garlicky and salty and as long as you aren't trying to spit game at a pretty girl afterward it's a must have!

Hot Dog.  I don't know why hot dogs taste 700% better cooked on a grill instead of anything else, but they do.  Witchcraft I'm sure.  

Happy eating everyone!