#sEATtle; Best Seattle Bites of 2015

December 22, 2015

What a great year to be a fat kid, you guys!  So many incredible restaurants, so many incredible bites of food, and so so many Instagram food porn photos (sorry about that)!  I'm so grateful for each and every one of you that reads this blog, its now a part of my gig, which means technically I get paid to eat tasty noms. Life goal achieved!  I'm so excited to see what happens in 2016, but first lets look back at the year that was.  Here is the list of my favorite bites of food this year. I HIGHLY suggest you try each and every one.

**Bites = not meal, not experience, just a fork full of yummy. 


Gnocchi Bar- the Manley! - I still can't believe that Chef Lisa Nakamura named one of Gnocchi Bar's staple menu items after me.  I'm super humbled, and also pretty proud of how good my balls taste!  Seriously, if you like good old fashioned Italian comfort food, you can't do much better than this.  

**side note** The mushroom medley gnocchi is my current go to. Its always available on Uber Eats. Next time you're hungry....


Blue Stone- Pork bibimbap.  Bibimbap is almost as delicious to eat is it is fun to say. In case you were wandering, "bibimbap" is a Korean dish that basically translates to a bowl of rice with a bunch of goodness in it.  Asian food in Seattle is serious business, and few do Korean better than Blue Stone. Bonus points for being dangerously close to my apartment. 


Un Bien - Caribbean roast pork sandwich.  I never had the original Paseo, so when "new" Paseo opened up, I was shocked when everyone told me that there was an even better option.  I was even more shocked when I finally got a Caribbean roast from Un Bien and found out they were right. Somehow for as good as Paseo is (and yes kids, its every bit as good as your food nerd friends tell you) Un Bien just does it a little bit better.  Is it the mayo? The marinade? I don't know, guess I better keep ordering them until I figure it out. 


Miller's Guild - Dry aged ribeye.  I had a lot of excellent cuts of meat this year (shout outs to Red Cow) but there was one place that became my go to when bands came to town looking for a case of the meat sweats, and that place was Miller's Guild.  Maybe its the dry aged process that makes this the best slab of meat in town. Or maybe its the custom made grill Chef Jason Wilson uses to cook each cut to perfection (medium rare or we can't be friends, you savages). OR MAYBE ITS BECAUSE THEY SERVE IT TO YOU ON A BLOCK OF PETRIFIED WOOD! Whatever the secret is, I hope it never changes......or that someday they give it to me. 


Stateside - Amberjack crudo. If I have one regret from 2015, its that I never got a proper picture this amazing bite of food. Google it, or even better, just go order it! 


Chop Shop - Grilled octopus with squid ink aioli.  Octopus freaks a lot of people out, with the tentacles and suction cups and what not.  I get it.  Its too bad though, because octopus is actually really good.  And when its done right.....INCREDIBLE.  Doing it right, however, is not the easiest thing in the world.  Most octopus I've had either falls in 2 categories, just a little too tough, or just a little too grilled, but not this dish.  I can honestly say that, without a shadow of a doubt, Chop Shop's grilled octopus is the best I have ever had.  The texture was perfect, the char was just right, and the squid ink aioli was amazing. 


Stateside - Master stock crispy chicken.  This dish literally gave me the giggles in enjoyed it so much.  First the chicken is poached, and then its fried crispy brown. Salty, spicy, and juicy. Pretty much the best piece of fried chicken I've ever had in my life.  In fact, I would probably call this my favorite bite of food of 2015 if it weren't for.....



Thank you.....



Din Tai Fung - Pork xialongbao a.k.a. soup dumplings!  No matter how refined my palate gets, or how delicious a perfectly cooked octopus can be, comfort food will always win out.  And there isn't a single bite of comfort food better than Din Tai Fung's pork xialongbao.  When I was a kid, my nonna (Italian for grandma) used to make homemade tortelloni soup whenever I was feeling sick and it always somehow made me feel better. What the heck was she stuffing those tortellonis with?!?! Here's the thing, this dumpling tastes exactly like that soup, just condensed into one perfect BITE of food.  It makes me happy and it takes me home, and in the end, isn't that what food is all about?  



2015 was an incredible year for food in Seattle, can't wait to see what 2016 has in store, and what YOU thought was your favorite bite of food.  Please share in the comments!