#sEATtle: Burger Month at Lil Woody's!

September 16, 2016

I like to eat. A lot. Food is bae. Therefore, I figured I would post reviews of the places I go to give you a little insight and maybe some ideas on where you might want to nom with your friends or special someones. Plus, it gives me an excuse to pig out on Seattle's best eats and not feel bad about it, because work!

Before we start, though, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am NOT a professional food nerd, nor do I want to be. I don't know the intricacies of French cooking. Heck, I don't even know how to spell "intricacies." It also means that if you ask me what the best burger is, I'll probably say Lil Woody's before I suggest any kind of "gourmet" burger, unless that gourmet burger has an egg on it. Then gourmet burger wins (any burger with an egg on it wins really.) Also, my idea of a fancy pizza is anything with more than two toppings. Basically what I'm getting at is consider these restaurant reviews for the common man/woman.

Got it? Good, let's roll!

Lil Woody's

1211 Pine St.


It's burger month at Lil Woody's! "What's burger month at Lil Woody's?" you ask?

It's when the burger ninjas at my favorite fast burger joint pays homage to some of fast food's most iconic (for good and bad reasons) menu items by replicating them with a Woody's twist. It's an incredible idea, especially in Seattle, where fast food is pretty scarce.

When I saw the menu and schedule for the month, I made sure to circle this week on my calendar because there was no way I was missing out on one of my most favorite (I have the love handles to prove it) late-night guilty pleasures - the Frisco Jac....I mean the Sourdough Woody. COMPLETE WITH CURLY FRIES!!!  

Could Lil Woody pull off this classic fast food combo?  Let's find out...


Curly Fries - French fries come in all shapes and sizes, but the curly fry might be my all time favorite. I am happy to say these were perfectly seasoned and fried. Not quite as flavorful as their fast food counterpart, but in a good way. 

The Sourdough Woody - For the most part, my diet has improved by leaps and bounds since my move to Seattle, but there are a few fast food options that I will probably crave forever.  The enchirito from Taco Bell, the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's, and the Frisco Jack from Jack in the Box.  In reality, it's just a burger on a sourdough bun, but for some reason, I think that makes it fancy. Sesame seed buns are for peasants!  This burger was exactly what I was looking for. The bun perfectly toasted, the patty juicy, and plenty of bacon. I'd also like to give Lil Woody's a special commendation for always having the freshest and best tomatoes. I don't even really like tomatoes, but I look forward to them here. Weird.


The best part about living in a city that doesn't have fast food restaurants on every corner is that you don't have to feel terrible when you occasionally treat yourself to some every once in a while.  Being able to get higher quality versions of your favorites makes it even best-er(?)  Lil Woody's is known for their specialty burgers, but this month have completely outdone themselves.  

Go here if... You want to taste what a sourdough burger and curly fries when they are made with quality ingredients. 

Don't go here if... you are still too embarrassed to admit that you've woken up with a cheeseburger in your bed after a long night of drinking like the rest of us have at some point in our lives.