#sEATtle: Cow By Bear

April 10, 2019

What do you do when a gigantic bear asks you to come have dinner with him? YOU GO! DUH!  Cow By Bear is this awesome dinner series where you and 13 other people gather at a location TBD (you get an email with an address 24 hrs before your meal) and get served an amazing meal, curated and cooked by someone in a big ole bear costume.  I mean, look at the picture, its ridiculous!  Now, while the secret location and funny mascot get up is a fun idea, the food is really what matters, and I'm happy to say thats where Bear really shines! Sadly the dinner I went to was the final one, BUT Bear is making a cookbook, which you can purchase and help fund right HERE. Is it worth it?  Well take a look at these pics and judge for yourself....


White beans- dashi braised white beans, lavash bread, salsa verde, dill, fermented root veggies.  Oddly enough, this was probably my favorite course of the evening besides the steak, and it was just a plate of beans.  The salsa verde and dill really added nice touches of flavor to perfectly cooked beans.  Really good stuff, and it really hit the spot for someone who spent a third of their life in the desert and misses getting plates of beans with just about every meal.  

Ham and Cheese- Lime leaf pork, broccoli kimchi, fontina fondute, charred scallion, puffed rice.  Basically the fanciest ham and cheese sandwich (minus bun, SO paleo!) you've ever had.  Bonus points for adding the kimchi and rice puffs! 


Squash- smoked squash, black sesami tahini, pickled red onion, pine nuts, za'atar.  I loved the presentation of this dish more than the actual food, but thats because im not the biggest squash guy in the world.  

Cow by Bear!- 50 day dry aged beef, miso yuru aioli, chili oil, fennel and grilled cucumber salad.  So here's the deal, I was really nervous to eat this because I barely ever do red meat anymore, and the last time I did....well I'll spare you the details, but it was NOT good.  But, when a 7 foot tall brings you a slab of red meat, perfectly cooked, you get in there and give it the old college try.  Boy am I glad I did too, because this tasted as good as it looked.  I like when the inside is super rare but the outside is dark and super salty.  

Corn Maze- popcorn ice cream, black pepper cake, caramel corn.  As I've said at least a billion times, I am not a big dessert guy, BUT this was awesome.  I think corn ice cream is a thing right now(?) because I've seen it on a lot of menus recently. I know it sounds weird but trust me, its REALLY good!  Especially when its served on top of a bed of caramel corn, I mean, you know you want it. 


From start to finish a Cow By Bear experience is absolutely amazing.  So its a major bummer that it will be coming to an end.  Good thing YOU can keep the tradition going yourself.  And you should, because the food is amazing!  You can get the cookbook right HERE, but you're on your own finding a costume.  Bear is going in to hibernation, but if he ever comes back, do yourself the favor and get to one of these dinners.