#sEATtle: Does This City Need A Shake Shack?

June 9, 2017

Seattle is a MAJOR burger town. Sure, we are more renowned for our amazing chefs like Tom Douglas and Ethan Stowell, but the REAL Seattle specialty is our burgers. Want quick and cheap? You gotta go to Dick's. Want juicy and delicious? Lil Woody's is your jam. Are you a SW transplant missing their In-N-Out?  Just hit up Caliburger. Hungry for the best burger on planet Earth? Go to Bateau! Seriously! We have a spoil of riches when it comes to grilled meat between two buns, but is there room for more? Over recent years Shake Shack has burst on to the food scene, to the extent where it is now considered THE burger in America, overtaking In-N-Out. Blasphemy, you say? Me too. So I went to New York to try one, to see if the hype was real, to see if we needed another burger in a market more crowded than I-5 during rush hour. Was it worth the trip? Is it better than In-N-Out? Let's break it down...

First impression- I mean, looks good enough!

Bun- Shake Shack uses a potato bun, which you dont see very often and now I wonder why, because it was the perfect vessel for the meat and cheese goodness inside. Sturdy enough to withstand the grease and sauce dripping everywhere, but not too bread-y (?) that you ended up with carb overload.

Burger- After unwrapping your burger, you instantly notice that the patty has a wonderful salty carmelized outside. This usually means they go with the smash method, which usually means the burger is a  little dry. Not here. Shake Shack has mastered the art of crisping the outside while keeping the moisture of the burger in tact. I suppose it's witchcraft.  

Cheese- American cheese from Wisconsin, as it should be.  They use a generous portion and both burgers I ate while I was there (yes, I ate 2 in less than 12 hours apart) had cheese pouring out the sides. Always welcome! 

Sauce- At this point every burger joint has their own signature sauce, and Shake Shack is no different.  And much like all the other signature sauces, this one is thousand island-ish. I'm a major fan of ketchup and mayo combo so this works for me, and I have to say, there is more going on with this sauce than any of the other competitors. Plus, it mixes with the melty cheese to produce what can only be described as goo. Delicious, delicious goo. I'm going to walk away from that now before it gets weird. 

The rest- Lettuce and tomatoes- There are a bunch of different combinations offered, but the standard burger comes with lettuce and tomatoes. Shake Shack uses Roma tomatoes, which are on the sweet side, and the PERFECT compliment to the salty patty they rest on. A really nice touch, and one of those little details that add up to big flavor.

OK, so now that your mouth is watering and you are already placing orders on Postmates for your favorite burger, it's time to answer the question... Does Seattle need a Shake Shack? 

That answer, my burger loving friends, is a resounding YES!  Look, there is a burger in this town for every pallette, no question. But despite that, I think the Shackburger is unique enough to warrant a seat at the table, a place in your belly. If you ever get the chance to have one, do not hesitate! Nom away! Now, who do we have to talk to about getting one here?