#sEATtle: Hangover food

August 26, 2016

Hangovers are the worst, and I hate them. It seems the older I get, the worse they become, too, which almost makes me want to stop partying....almost.

A few nights ago I hit up the Crocodile to see Banks and Steelz (Paul Banks of Interpol + The RZA...yes THAT RZA) and afterward, went backstage and had a few too many vodka drinks. I mean, if the RZA is pouring you bevs, you are drinking each and every one of them, right? RIGHT!

It was the best time ever. Until I woke up the next morning. Then it was the worst time ever. After barely surviving a morning of headaches and butterflies, I decided it was time to fight back against the poison flowing through me with my usual hangover go to.....greasy food!  Sure, some will tell you Gatorade and bread is the trick, while others say water and lemon, but for me, there is nothing better or more effective than a good ol' fashioned gut bomb burrito with all the fixins! Plus, sometimes you just need a reason to eat a burger or burrito the size of your head without remorse.  Usually we keep it classy in my food blog, but today, we are getting dirty and covered in queso sauce.....


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Chips and queso sauce: I don't know if there are aliens, or if the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl this year, but I do know this: Everything is better when its dipped in cheese, especially when you are hungover. Sure, you could coat your stomach with nasty chalky Pepto, OR you can wrap it in a warm blanket of cheese. The choice is yours, I know what I'd choose.

A good queso should be thick enough so that the chip doesn't sink straight to the bottom, but soft enough so that said chip doesn't break when you go for a scoop. 

Once you've given your tummy a good cheese coating, it's burrito time!  Normally I would go chicken, but after a night of boozing I'm looking for the biggest, nastiest, greasiest burrito I can construct, so ground beef is the protein of choice. Grease is like the WD-40 of the food world, so send as much as you can through your pipes after a long night of drinking to clean up the system. 

Here's another important thing to know when making a hangover burrito.  There is a slight chance that all of it could be coming back up, if you know what I mean. So I STRONGLY suggest constructing your burro to be as mushy as possible.  That means tons of salsas, sour cream and guacamole.  If you can do refried beans instead of whole, DO IT. If you are ok not having crunchy lettuce in there (and let's be honest, it really serves no purpose whatsoever), DO IT. Queso sauce? DO IT. Ground beef is an important part of this as well. You don't want chunks of chicken or asada coming back on you, do you? Of course not, you dingus, that's gross!  



Being hungover is the worst.  Really, the only upside to it is that you have a perfectly good excuse for telling your friend with the quinoa salad to kick rocks and eat lunch by themselves because you are headed to the nearest burrito shop for 12,000 calories of gut busting, hangover curing, goodness. Take advantage, put some cheese on it and do work!  You had 17 Manny's last night? YOU EARNED THIS!


Go Here If... You spent the previous night drinking with a member of the Wu-Tang clan...or your friends, either way. 

Don't Go Here If...you plan on being seen in public wearing a bathing suit anytime soon. 

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