#sEATtle: Hangover Food 2

September 2, 2016

Well, here we are again. Hungover and at work. The worst. 

I went down to Pioneer Square last night for their First Thursday Art Walk (highly recommend) and to check out an event called Audio/Visual, featuring some amazing art from Seattle artist Katie Kurkjy. She does these amazing pieces with musical instruments, which are seriously so cool!  The event was held at Axis Studios and featured live music (shout outs to Daniel Blue of Motopony!), art, and FREE vodka. Let's just say I took full advantage of the open bar, and woke up this morning feeling like I went three rounds with Connor McGregor. Not ideal. 

After three hours of meetings and intense music discussions this morning, I realized that one of two things had to happen; I either needed to boot and rally OR I needed a good greasy lunch. Since the only thing I hate more than barfing is the Portland Timbers, and there is a Li'l Woody's only a block away from the station, the choice was simple......


Li'l Woody's


1211 Pine Street on Capitol Hill




FRIES: Is it even possible to eat a burger without also smashing some french fries? They really are the perfect combo. I prefer my fries to be as salty as possible and Li'l Woody's always delivers on that.  Soft but not soggy, and perfect for dipping in ice cream.  Its called crack, and is available at the restaurant. Highly recommend! You can also get them with queso sauce, but if you do just make sure you eat them fast before the queso starts solidifying.  

THE BIG WOODY: There are plenty of amazing burgers to choose from here in Seattle.  Our burger game is STRONG, you guys, and so many of them are named after weiners (Dicks, Woody's, whats the deal with that?) For my money, Li'l Woody's makes the second best of them all (Bateau being #1 probably in all of America).  Great quality beef lathered in ketchup and house mayo, covered in melty cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon, all nestled between a nice toasted bun. What really sets this burger apart from the rest, though, is the diced onion/pickle spread.  I dont know why everyone doesn't do this, because you get that great pickle taste in every bite. Its perfect!  "But Manley," you ask, "is it super greasy?"  Hell yeah it is, and it should be! You don't make friends with salad, and you don't make friends with dry ass burgers! 


Being hungover is the worst.  Really, the only upside to it is that you have a perfectly good excuse to stuff your face with 1/3 lb of beef, bacon, and all the fixins.  And when Claire from the business office stares at you in horror while grease, ketchup, and mayo rolls down your forearm, you get right in her face and you tell her not to judge, for you are saving a life right now....your own. NURSE!  50 cc of all beef patty stat!!!

Go here if...You don't want fancy, or unique, you just want the best "fast" burger in town.

Don't go here if... You are afraid of big bold flavors.