#sEATtle: Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon

January 13, 2017

I like to eat. A lot. Food is bae. Therefore, I figured I would post reviews of the places I go to give you a little insight and maybe some ideas on where you might want to nom with your friends or special someones. Plus, it gives me an excuse to pig out on Seattle's best eats and not feel bad about it, because work!

Before we start, though, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am NOT a professional food nerd, nor do I want to be. I don't know the intricacies of French cooking. Heck, I don't even know how to spell "intricacies." It also means that if you ask me what the best burger is, I'll probably say Lil Woody's before I suggest any kind of "gourmet" burger, unless that gourmet burger has an egg on it. Then gourmet burger wins (any burger with an egg on it wins really.) Also, my idea of a fancy pizza is anything with more than two toppings. Basically what I'm getting at is consider these restaurant reviews for the common man/woman.

Got it? Good, let's roll!

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon

8917 Roosevelt Way


The Holidays are about family, friends, gifts, and of course, Chinese take out.  Nobody knows why this is the case (everybody knows) but who am I to argue with tradtition? Besides, I'm always on the look out for badass Chinese food. Once I heard that Snappy Dragon made their own noodles to order, I had to have it!  


BBQ Pork -  Would you look at that! (read in your old Aunt Tilly's voice) To be honest I was hoping for a little more pronounced flavor in the pork, especially that sweet sweet skin, but delicious none the less.Be warned though, the mustard packs the heat of a thousand suns in it. Tread lightly.

Pork Potstickers - These are potstickers on steroids. Look at the size of those things! I felt the dough was a little too thick and a potsticker the size of a football is unnecessary. I can't believe I just said that, I've changed, man. 

Beef and Broccoli - Up to this point, I was fairly underwhelmed with the meal. This dish changed everything. The perfect amount of sauce. The perfect beef to broccoli ratio. And one order is plenty of food for two people. This hit the sweet spot. Sometimes basic is best right?

Shrimp Chow Mein, noodles made to order - You ever notice that Chinese restaurants never really give you enough veggies when you order fried rice or chow mein? Why is that? I like carrots. I like snap peas. I'll even tolorate bamboo shoots. Why can't I get more than a spoonful with my five pounds of noodles??? I AM TRYING TO PRETEND TO BE EATING HEALTHY DAMMIT!  Anyway, any time you get to eat made-to-order noodles, you simply have to eat made-to-order noodles. Somewhere deep in Snappy Dragon's kitchen exists a noodler, kneading and working his dough until its time to produce a plate full for consumption. You want to put him to work. The noodles were firm, and stood up admirably to the sauce.  The perfect comfort food on a cold winter night spent avoiding in-laws and cooking for yourself. Plus you get like six pounds of noodles with your order. I ate leftovers for almost a week!  

Seattle is loaded with fantastic options for Asian food, from Kau Kau in the ID (BEST bbq pork ever) to Din Tai Fung in the U District (BEST xiaolongbao ever). Snappy Dragon deserves to have its name on that list, too. Fresh noodles are my weakness.

Go here if... You want fantastic Chinese food without going too far out of your comfort zone

Don't go here if... You like small portions. This place goes big.

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