#sEATtle- Lola

April 1, 2016

I like to eat. A lot. Food is bae. Therefore, I figured I would post reviews of the places I go to give you a little insight and maybe some ideas on where you might want to nom with your friends or special someones. Plus, it gives me an excuse to pig out on Seattle's best eats and not feel bad about it, because work!

Before we start though, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am NOT a professional food nerd, nor do I want to be. I dont know the intricacies of French cooking. Heck, I dont even know how to spell "intricacies." It also means that if you ask me what the best burger is, I'll probably say Lil Woody's before I suggest any kind of "gourmet" burger, unless that gourmet burger has an egg on it. Then gourmet burger wins (any burger with an egg on it wins really.) Also, my idea of a fancy pizza is anything with more than two toppings. Basically what I'm getting at is consider these restaurant reviews for the comman man/woman.

Got it? Good, let's roll!


2000 4th Ave


Sorry its been so long since my last #sEATtle review, I came down with the weirdest stomach thing ever and its been broth and crackers for the last month. THE WORST. Thankfully I'm feeling better now, and I'm back to scouring Seattle for the tastiest noms in every neighborhood.  If you have any suggestions, by all means tweet them to me @manchild1077 so we can go eat together!

Awhile ago I went to Omega Ouzeri and said that I needed to eat more Mediterranean food because I wasn't familiar with the taste (all that mint, SO MUCH MINT) but any cuisine that offers lamb and octopus was alright with me.  

My next stop on my culinary tour of the Mediterranean was a stop at Tom Douglas's Lola.


Dirty Martini with feta-filled olives.  I love beer with all my heart and soul and if I was only allowed one more sip of alchohol, it would be a shot of whiskey. BUT, after a long day of work there is only one option. The dirty martini.  The dirtier the better, in fact!  This one had feta in their olives and they were so good I had to ask for extra.  


Hummus and spreads:  The one on the left is fava scordalia and tastes like garlic hummus on steroids (thats a good thing).  The one on the left is kalamata spread, so obvi it tastes like a bunch of smashed olives.  I'm a pretty big olive guy but that one missed the mark for me. 

Salad: normally I would say you don't make friends with salad, and for the most part thats true. That brick of feta you see on top of those greens, however, is the stuff of legend.  Honestly it was the MVP of the meal...and the meal was very good.

Grilled Spanish Octopus: You guys already know about my love for octopus, so I won't bore you with all that, but I will say that this dish was fantastic.  I also had an octopus epiphany (octopiphany?) while eating this. The reason Chop Shop's octopus is the best in the city isn't because of the octo prep, its their squid ink aoli.  I would dip just about anything in that! 

Leg of Lamb: oregano, mint, preserved lemon, jus- Nothing screams Mediterranean like lamb, mint, and lemon.  Lamb was great, a little heavy on the mint.  

Spaghetti with black butter, graviera, and mizithra: I'm Italian, so if you give me a plate of noodles floating on top of a just deep enough pool of black butter and buried under a mountain of cheese, I'm going to love it. It's not so much preference as it is genetics. Our table lit up with excitement when this came out, I can think of no higher praise than that. 

We are blessed to live in a food city, full of amazing chefs doing unique and innovative things with cuisine instead of opening a 7th location of whatever their most profitable spot is.  While Ethan Stowell will probably always be my favorite restauranteur, I love the way Tom Douglas takes challenging cuisine (like octopus and lamb) and simplifies it to perfection while taking basic foods (pizza and biscuits) and elevates them. If you are a long-time fan of Mediterranean food, or a novice like me, you will be satisfied at Lola.  


On a scale of 1-10 "Damn Tom! Back at it again with the yummy."  I give Lola a feta filled 7/10 "Damn Toms"

I hear this place has a seriously good brunch menu as well, so if I ever drag my hungover self out of bed early enough on the weekend to try it, I will let you know.