That Song Changed My Life: Troi Irons

March 9, 2017

I like music, you like music and of course, your favorite bands like music.

"What song changed your life?"

I was asked this question a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Music is such an amazing thing from how it can turn smiles into tears or take you from your car to half-way across the world with just a few notes, that I became fascinated with finding out what other people's life-changing songs were.

Let's see what Troi Irons, who has a fantastic song called "Today" that was last week's Discover and Download by the way, had to say. 

- - - - -

"Novacaine by Green Day changed my life. It was the second song I taught myself on guitar. American Idiot was the first album I ever bought and I felt like it belonged to me and was for me; it was like someone finally understood me. I had a strict upbringing and no real outlet. Sitting in my room in all my teenage angst, playing GMN, I realized music was the only path that would keep me sane."

-Troi Irons