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Staff Chat: Deck The Hall Ball 25

October 6, 2017

In case you missed the big announcement on Thursday, Deck the Hall Ball lineup is officially here! We'll be taking over Key Arena December 5th and you should definitely join us. This year we're celebrating it's 25th year and it won't be a party without you. We're pretty pumped and clearly can't stop talking about it..

Manley: Ok, so how excited were you to find out the #DTHB25 line up yesterday?

Alyssa: DUDE. First off, The Killers?? Like whaaaat! I have only seen them once live and they made me cry tears of joy! Also, Portugal. The Man and Odesza are on my list for best albums of the year so I am CRAZY pumped to see them perform new songs for us! Who are you most excited about?

Manley: I know, right? I mean, I will ALWAYS be excited to see PTM because they are friends and also put on the sickest shows ever. I saw J. Roddy Walston & The Business at the Croc a few weeks ago and they blew the roof off the place so I'm excited to see how they handle the big stage as well. But honestly, there really isnt a band on this list that I don't want to see.....and NO I'm not being paid to say that hahah. How dare you.

Alyssa: Hahahaha! I really dig that there is a little bit of everything on the lineup this year. You have The Killers, who we know put on an epic show, The Lumineers bring it with their americana and folk blend and then you have the energy of Odesza and Joywave.. ahhh!  I lost 10 lbs after seeing Joywave live, I sweat SO much that night (and not just because it was hot AF in Atlanta) they made me dance my arse off!

Sorry, I feel like I'm a little all over the place, but I just really like how there's a little bit of everything on this lineup :)

Manley: Yeah, Joywave is one of those sneaky good live bands right? Like, you might not walk in super pumped to see them, but you will leave talking about em for sure!

A: Yes! Exactly

M: Joywave music = 8/10. Joywave live = 10/10 Joywave mustache game = 100/10. SO STRONG.

A: Lol! I'm on board with that. And not gunna lie.. I totally have a fan girl crush on Zach from PTM.. 

M: I have his phone number. You can haz for $3.50


SO um... anyway.. their latest album is a banger and that's the real reason I'm stoked to have them play Deck.

M: Sweet, you can venmo me...or just walk down the hall to my office. Follow the sounds of White Reaper (super good band everyone should check out).

A: Their live show was pretty amazing at the Paramount. What was that banner that they had in the background? 

You turned me on to White Reaper and for that I am thankful :D

M: Oh you mean this??

Photo by Manley

So great.

A: YES! I died.

M: So obviously we are super excited to see every band, because duh, but what SONGS are you most excited to hear? Lets start with The Killers. You only get one song, what do you choose?

A: ONE DONG? Manley, you're killing me!

omg, SONG**! Wth.

M: What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO????

A: lol! stupid keyboard!

M: <you gotta say it in a Dustin Hopper voice from Speed> also. LOLZ for dong

A: I'm just going to pretend that never happened and go with "On Top" because their album Hot Fuss was everything to me in 2004. I remember having that album on repeat for the longest and "On Top" is one of my favs from it.

M: Oh man, Hot Fuss forever. I will forever lose my ish when I hear All These Things That I've Done.

A: We got soul, Manley! Ok, so if you could only hear one song from Portugal. The Man at Deck, which would it be?

M: Uggggggg Live in the Moment is currently my jam, but I was WAY in to Noise Pollution for a while too. Thats the last song on Woodstock, and I know you monsters rarely sit through an entire album. This is me telling you not to sleep on it. But we can also take it back to Got it All and I'd be happy with that too. So yeah, basically anything works for me when it comes to PTM. Im such a Stan.

A: Haha, yeah that Noise Pollution track is SOLID. I want to hear Keep On from their latest album. Going to dance around in my ugly xmas sweater if they play it.

M: Speaking of ugly sweaters, What are you going to wear to DTHB? I'm always torn between going super silly and getting a ridiculous sweater, or keeping it fresh with some cool wears. Last year someone had a knit sweater with Drake on it and I offered to buy it off them on the spot....but they said no. Apparently my money isnt good in Key Arena. WHATEVA!

So what about J. Roddy Walston and the Business?

A: Bahaha! That sweater was awesome. I might have to get a cozy foo fighters holiday sweater to go along with our new Deck socks!

M: Those DTHB socks are FIRE.

A: First time I heard J. Roddy Walston was last week in the office. They played that stripped down set and I was sold! His voice is unique and I'm into their sound. Looking forward to seeing them plugged in at Key Arena. I know "The Wanting" is their new jam and it's great, but I also really like their older stuff like "Take It As It Comes"

M: I like how they remind me of Kings of Leon before they got all polished up. I'm really in to Numbers off their new album.

Did you know J Roddy and the band played a Sounders pre-match show for us one year and afterwards we took them all over town drinking and causing trouble? Elysian, Tat's a bunch of other spots in Pioneer Square? It was sick. Ask Gregr about it some time.

A: I did not know that! Jealous. I think we should do that again after Deck. Who needs sleep during the week? ;)

M: Sleep is for the weak!

A: For real. What's your go-to Joywave jam?

M: I feel that no one ever mentions this song, but I really rate "Now" It sounds like Atlas Genius and The Killers got together and made a song...what's not to like about that?

A: Right?? I'm with you on that one. I hope they play "Destruction" because that song comes in HARD.

M: Cosign that. Let's talk about the Seattle bands, Odesza and J GRGRY. I like J GRGRY's anti-vowel stance and his song eFlower, and I'm super excited to get Odesza on the DTHB stage!

A: I missed J GRGRY's show at the Croc this year, so I'm excited to see him perform at Deck. eFlower is great, I just added a bunch of his songs to my playlist so I can join the sing-a-long Dec 5th. Dude. Can we please talk about how awesome Odesza's new album is?? I like their older stuff don't get me wrong, but this album is FIRE. Every song. Especially La Ciudad- that's my new JAM!

M: I mean this as a compliment even though it kind of sounds like an insult...I fall asleep to their new album almost every night! And we are in agreement with La Ciudad. And Say My Name off the old album obvi. So I think we might have saved the best for last.....LUMINEERS!

A: I missed them when they were here in August opening for Tom Petty. Omg. Think they'll play a Tom Petty cover at Deck?

M: GAH! I gave my ticket away for that show to a coworker because they were obsessed and I had already seen Petty AND the Lums in the past. Boy, had i|I known then what I know now.... <sheds a single tear, turns up Refugee>

A: MANLEY! Damn. Yeah, what a loss :( I would love for the Lumineers to play a little tribute at Deck. As far as their own songs.. I really love Angela and Charlie Boy and Stubborn Love.. I mean, they could just play their entire catalog and I would be happy :D

M: That's it. Lumineers covers "Free Falling" or we riot. Alright girl, my pumpkin spice latte has arrived, so I gotta go. Can't wait for #DTHB25!

A: You're so basic. 


#DTHB25  <-----TICKETS!!