Stomping Grounds: The best spots to hit up on Capitol Hill

January 10, 2017

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Three years ago I moved to Seattle, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I spent a few months in South Lake Union (shout outs to corporate housing!) before finally settling down in Capitol Hill, and I haven't moved since.

Before I moved here, everyone told me that's where someone new to the city should live to start. What they didn't tell me was how it is a mixture of about 8,749 different cultures all rolled into one, and while it bothers some people that Cap Hill "isn't what it used to be" I say, embrace the change! There are still a ton of awesome places for you to be yourself at, whether that's a bro, an artist, or a member of the cast of the Real World.....wait, scratch that last one.

Here are a few of my favorite spots on the Hill!

Name: Jon Manley 
Job: Full-time host of 107.7 The End's Afternoon show, Part-time Sneaker Pimp
I live in: Capitol Hill, between the crazy part and the rich part. 

Best Place to Eat

Fancy= Bateau - Listen, I've waxed poetic about their burger (see photo above) here and here so I want to make it clear that this place also has amazing steaks and quite possibly my favorite tartar in the entire city.

Cheap= Dick's - Two cheeseburgers, fry, strawberry shake. The perfect late night post-bar meal. Plus the people watching while in line is legendary.

Tacos=Chuki's - My favorite tacos in the entire city.  Literally everything on the menu is excellent.  If I someday convince them to roll tacos down the hill to my apartment I will never ever move. Ever.

Pizza= Big Mario's - Cap Hill has tons of great pizza options.  Try Ian's mac and cheese pizza for something crazy.  Go to Dino's for doughy Sicilian style pizza.  Go to Mario's for legit the best slice of pizza in Seattle.  

Best Bar
Sun Liquor

My favorite bar on Cap Hill is Sun Liquor.  Their bartenders are great, the vibe in there is off the charts, and its close enough for me to stumble home from without incident.  Bonus points for not being in the middle of the Pike/Pine madness as well. Perfect spot to take a date or get hammered with your boys. They even have a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle if you are balling out of control and want to taste some of the REAL good stuff.  

Best Place to Watch Space Needle Fireworks
My backyard! 

I live right on the bottom of (I'm not telling you what street I live on! Get out of here you creeps!) and it opens up to a perfect view of the Space Needle, Lake Union, and all of the wonderful cranes erected all across our fair city (meh). Ironically, this is the second gigantic needle I've been able to see from out my back door (Stratosphere in Vegas being the other.) On the 4th of July and New Year's Eve, my backyard and alley turns into a mini Bourbon Street for a few hours because of how perfectly you can see the Space Needle blow up. You should swing by next year! I only charge one bottle of Jameson to park in my spot. TOTALLY reasonable considering its Cap Hill. 

Best Patio
Captain Black's

Hands down my favorite dive bar on the Hill. Their patio gets mental during the summer, but the view and the cheap ass drinks make it worth the wait.  The Lookout also deserves mention here.  

Best Place to Feel the Grass Between Your Toes
Volunteer Park

The park right by my apartment isn't really a park, it's just a patch of grass that somehow hasn't been turned into micro apartments yet. My favorite place to take the Mookiedog on a nice long walk is through Volunteer Park. Nice paths, pretty girls, and the surrounding neighborhood is pretty great too. 

Best Place to Take Your Out of Town Friends
The Pine Box

The Starbucks Roastery is cool, and a night on Pike/Pine is a must (for better or worse), but the place I take my friends to when the visit that always gets talked about is The Pine Box.  I mean, Bruce Lee's funeral was held there AND they have one of the best beer lists in Seattle. Anytime you can go to a place that makes you think of karate and IPAs, you have to go there. 

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