The SXSW Awards presented by Manley

After four days in Austin, who walked away from SXSW with high honors?

March 23, 2016

Most awards shows are terrible, but the Manley SXSW Awards are totally official!  Here’s a run-down of all my favorite (and a few not so favorite) moments from my wacky adventures in Austin TX:

The 'I’m Not Saying I’m Just Saying' Award For Best song That I’m Not Supposed to Tell You I Heard: Tie - Band of Horses and Beck.  Seriously, I think both songs are totally amazing.  If you like Odelay Beck…get ready.

Best Show: White Reaper - face-melting, straight-ahead punk rock that is equally catchy and abrasive.  Just what I needed after 48 hours of corporate sponsored showcase after showcase.

BEST Show Ever: The Cage the Elephant house party.  Listen to “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” from LCD Soundsystem and just change the words to "Cage the Elephant" and that about sums up the best party I’ve been to since college.  From Foals frontman Yannis pouring me shots to Matt Schultz jumping on the kitchen table during Mess Around, this was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. The whole thing was one of those party movies.

Most Random Music Moment: I stumbled into quite a few shows unexpectedly including Bloc Party (twice) and Too $hort, but the most random moment was realizing that Kitten was playing upstairs at the bar we were at after arguing for five mintues over whether or not the song was live or on the juke box.  Only at SXSW does something like this happen.

The 'How Dare You for Being 69-years-old and being in better shape than I' Award: Iggy Pop.  He is definitely starting to show his age, but that son of a gun still stage dives!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Virtual me gets tackled too hard during a game of FIFA and I’m grabbing ice packs from the freezer, this dude is diving into a sea of sweaty people like its NBD.  I’m the worst.

Best Dude With a Guitar Performance: There sure are a lot of them these days, right you guys?  Anyway, Seattle’s very own Barns Courtney wins this award.  The kid is going to be a star.

Best Eats: The pork belly bite from Uchiko.  My food game was in shambles most of the trip. Sometimes you get so busy that there’s never really that much time to sit down to grub on some food, but this one bite of food more than made up for it.  Our meal was pretty fancy and most of it was off-menu, but if you want to see what this place had to offer (and if you like food porn, which you do), check it out here:

The “You Did What?” Award: Tie between going to a house party in the Austin burbs to see Cage The Elephant and ending my trip to SXSW by going to see Too $short.  Random Manley fact - I will always have a soft spot for some 90’s gangsta rap. The dirtier the better.

They 'Hey Who Is That?' Award For Best Voice I Heard: The random girl on a corner singing Rolling Stones songs.  She stopped me and my record label buddies dead in our tracks.  I’m still kicking myself for not learning more about her, she sounded likecombination of Fergie and Jesus.

The 'Oh You Again' Award For Band I Saw The Most at SXSW: The Strumbellas.  I never even planned to see them, but it seemed that at least once a day I’d stumble into a bar and there they were, which was nice.

The 'NOPE' Award For Worst Part of SXSW: 6th Street once the sun went down. Disgusting.

The 'Let Me Give You My Cell' Award For Band I’d Most Like To Hang With: Yannis from Foals will always be the answer to this question.  I’m so lucky to actually have hung with him more than once and I will post his cell number here just to prove it.....YEAH RIGHT!  I share almost everything with you guys, but not this time.  Just know, he is as cool as you think he is.

The 'Detlef Schrempf' Award for The Most Seattle Moment of SXSW: Seeing Barns Courtney in my Seattle Drum School t-shirt after drinking a grande Pike from Starbucks.  Then two hours later I was hanging with my buddies from ColorWorks and Xavier Management!  IT EVEN STARTED RAINING!!!  Most Seattle day ever!

There you have it!  Thanks again for following me on this crazy adventure. I am equally excited and terrified to do it again next year!

Barns Courtney is the man, 6th street is gross, The Strumbellas are everywhere and 2016 is going to be a cool year for music.