SXSW Day 1: Bones UK, Lucy Dacus, and the BBQ steal the show

March 15, 2018

Greetings from sunny Austin, TX, you guys! I'm Manley and  I'm here at SXSW all week to look for your favorite new bands and my favorite new bbq joints.

Day 1 recap
I snagged some food at the airport before I took off and was given the opportunity to order off a touch screen or from a person. I chose person, because I like a bit of human judgment when I order a double sausage muffin and also because I don't support the robot uprising.

I'll never understand why people rush to fill the aisle immediately after the plane lands. There is only one door, we are all going through it. Relax.

I saw actual long horns on the drive into the city. Holy moly their horns are....long.

The plan was to ease my way into the week but that quickly went out the window when our favorite Barns Courtney was waiting for me (shirtless) at my hotel with a 6 pack of beer. He's the best!

It's never good to be buzzed before you even get to the pre-pre-party party. Yeah, this place has a party before the party before the party.  I need to have some chill here or I'm in trouble...

(30 min later)....I'm in trouble

My first SXSW meal is ALWAYS at Stubbs, for obvious reasons.  I would be 700 lbs if one of these existed in Seattle.

Lucy Dacus has a really nice voice and plays a BEAUTIFUL guitar. 

If Pauly Bleeker and Juno really did start a band, they'd be Superorganism. I really love this band.

Spoke to a guy for 3 mins before realizing he WASN'T Pete Townsend. 

Our running joke this weekend is #WithRome. Try it yourself and have a giggle.

LOVELYTHEBAND covered Pony and it was great. 

I stumbled home after watching this amazing band, Bones UK, ordered some of the bottled waters, and tapped out. Can't wait for tomorrow, a full day and night of adventure awaits!

Bands I saw... Lucy Dacus. Mt Joy. LOVELYTHEBAND, Superorganism, BONES

Food I ate... brisket, smoked pork loin, hot links, about 6 lbs each (don't judge)

MVP... Bones UK....with Rome. 

Day 2 plans... going to Willie Nelson's recording studio to hear NEW music from a band I'm not allowed to name, unfortunately. I also have a fancy wine dinner to go to, so I should probably shower at some point.

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Watch: Seattle's underground lucha libre school is pretty awesome