SXSW Day 2: Mt. Joy, Weathers, Bishop Briggs, Amy Shark

March 16, 2018

Starting the day with breakfast tacos is great. The coffee in this town is not. Read about my Day 1.

I woke up with M&Ms in my bed and I have questions...

Headed to the legendary Arlyn Studios to listen to new music that I can't tell you about from a band I can't tell you about. Being sworn to secrecy sucks sometimes, you guys. Let me just say you are in for a surprise soon.

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If you ever want a real sense of how rad Seattle is, talk to people who have left about how badly they wished they still lived there. 

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The vibe here this year is different. Much more chill and seemingly less crowded and I'm ok with that. For the 2nd year in a row, I went to see White Reaper and they had to cancel their set. This stinks because I love them.  

White Reaper had to cancel, but Mt. Joy was there to save the day with a true acoustic set. It's pretty cool to see a band go all natural like that. I also checked out Weathers and Amy Shark at this place that was made out of shipping containers. Good bands! I really liked Amy Shark.

Fancy dinner is fancy! You know you're in for something special when the menu has your name on it. I also went and saw a band in a church. They were metal and it was the weirdest. If you ever get the chance, see a rock band in a church. 

Late night surprise session with Bishop Briggs! What a perfect way to end Day 2. She continues to be THE BEST and legit asked me to say hello to all of you for her. 

Oh you know @thatgirlbishop

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Who I saw..  Not white reaper. Mt Joy. Weathers. Amy Shark. Walls. Bishop Briggs.

MVP... The chef at the restaurant I ate at. Holy smokes it was delicious!

Plan for today... Pretty chill today. Going to actually walk around the convention center and see where the wind takes me.

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