SXSW Day 3: Kitten stage dives, hangovers, and 2 am pizza

March 17, 2018

A day that started so low ended so high.

Woke up with a Texas-sized hangover. Hotel hangers are the worst! You don't have aspirin, you have to go to the vending machine to get water, Top Ramen and saltines aren't on the room service menu. Really rough.

I finally rallied around noon and actually walked around the convention center a bit. If you like free stuff, it is your Mecca.

Had afternoon Pimm's cups like a real fancy boy.

Seattle finds Seattle at things like this. Spent some time with Naked Giants, can't wait to hear NEW tunes from them and see if they can be the next local band to break big!

Good news! My appetite is back! Better news! Someone is taking me to Capital Grill! BEST NEWS! LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE AND A BONE IN RIB EYE!!!

After a long day of trying not to fall out, it was finally time to see some music. Tried to get to see Gang of Youths but it didn't work out, might see if there's time today because I really like them and there's been a lot of talk about them. 

Ended up at a Kitten show not really knowing what to expect, outside of losing it to their song "G#" which is a classic. Left saying it was the best show of the festival. Crazy dance moves, big catchy songs, and their singer who is about 5'2" and 80 lbs pulled an Eddie Vedder and dove into the crowd off a balcony! They were just incredible. 

Ended up at a bar called Better Days and if you look up "dank" in the dictionary you would see a pic of this place. Kind of a perfect end of the festival really. 

SXSW is pure madness, but this year seems a little more chill, which has been absolutely perfect. I hope it stays this way next year because I can't wait to come back! Thanks for following along on my journey, I can't wait to get home!

Who I saw... Kitten. 10/10 would recommend

What I ate... Bone-in ribeye, lobster Mac, 2 am pizza.

MVP... 2am pizza!

Speaking of tasty late-night food...where the hell did the Seattle dog start?