SXSW: Manley reviews his first day at the Austin music festival

Who won Day One?

March 17, 2016

Greetings from Austin, Texas and the South By Southwest Music Festival, the epicenter of the music world for the next few days. Since I like music and you like muaic (and someone was dumb enough to give me all access passes to everything) I thought it would be cool to share my experience with you.

10 Things from Day One:

  1. Pretty sure I was snoring on the plane. Apologies for being "that guy."
  2. A month or so ago, I had the travel day from hell and ended up having to spend the night in a shut down Dallas-Forth Worth airport. It was awful and I vowed to never go back.....Well, I went back, and let me tell you it's still the worst. In this day and age of connectivity, it absolutely blows my mind that there are only like, two outlets to charge your phone in the entire airport. Shout outs to the one guy who decided to use both.... Spread the wealth, you savage!
  3. Dreadlocks. White dudes are still trying to pull that off, huh?
  4. I got to go to Arlyn Studios to check out brand new Band of Horses music! Arlyn is the place where Sublime recorded their self titled album, along with Butthole Surfers and a zillion other cool bands. Recording studios are super cool and always have the best energy. If you ever get the chance to visit one in Seattle, do yourself the favor. 
  5. THE NEW BAND OF HORSES IS GREAT!!! I don't know how much I'm supposed to say about it so I'll leave it at this - I can't wait to get my hands on it to play for you.
  6. Jack Garratt. Look him up. One man wrecking crew.
  7. I crossed off "eat BBQ at Stubbs" on Day One. I had the brisket and a hot link while The Head And The Heart serenaded me with some new tunes and old favorites. Texas BBQ is official, and so is Head And The Heart. Seattle representing!
  8. Speaking of crossing off things on the bucket list, I saw Iggy Pop at Austin City Limits! Queens Of The Stone Age were his backing band and it was mental!  Highlight of the show was watching him stage dive. THAT MAN IS 69 YEARS OLD, BE GENTLE WITH HIM! Highlight #2 - bailing after "Passenger" so I could see the homies Car Seat Headrest, because Seattle recognizes Seattle ya feel me?  They played in a church and it was weird. On the upside I didn't burst I to flames upon entering so I guess that means I'm not as bad as I thought! 
  9. Walked into a bar (no surprises there amirite?) to the sounds of G# from Kitten, which is really not really one of my favorite songs ever.  My buddy and I started geeking out over it when we realized it sounded live. After some exploring we found them performing in an upstairs room. It may be the most random musical moment I've ever had in my life, and really the perfect description of SXSW.
  10. Don't ever take our beer scene for granted, you guys. I would pay an insane amount of money for a Manny's right now. Instead I'm making due with Shiner Bock, which is totally fine, but nowhere near as good as people make it out to be.


Who I saw:  Jack Garratt / Band of Horses / some Canadian band I can't remember the name of (sorry eh) / The Head And The Heart / Iggy Pop / Car Seat Headrest / Kitten.

Best Band of Day One: Car Seat Headrest.

Noms: Stubb's. I snacked my way through Day One, but tonight I'm going to a fancy dinner. Food porn to follow our instagram!

Plan for Day Two: I'm seeing Barns Courtney twice if I can. Also, Declan McKenna and Jake Bugg. Bring me all the "dude with a guitar" bands!