Vote for Pearl Jam

October 25, 2016

Twenty five years ago I was given a Led Zeppelin mixtape (old!) from my buddy.  Back in the cassette days, if you ended your mix and there was extra tape at the end, you would fill it with whatever you thought was cool or weird recordings of you quoting The Exorcist. Fortunately for me, the end of this tape featured four songs from this band from Seattle, Pearl something.

I can still remember sitting in the foyer of my local mall waiting for my mom to pick me up, rain cascading down the glass windows, and hearing "Oceans."  For reasons that are far too cosmic for me to properly put into words, I knew right then and there that Pearl Jam would be my favorite band forever, and music was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  

Now, Pearl Jam is nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and need your vote!  Here's why they deserve it.

An Affluent Neighborhood. 3:30 in the Afternoon. 64 Degrees and Cloudy

Coming out of the 80's, rock music was mostly glam and shallow.  And then Jeremy happened.

All Killer, No Filler

They say video killed the radio star, and after the insane success of the Jeremy video, Pearl Jam decided that they weren't going to be another statistic, ditching concept music videos completely. Instead, they went to the Moore, turned the F'in lights off (JOSH!) and rocked the place.

They Got Jokes! 

If there is one complaint about Pearl Jam, it's that they took themselves maybe a bit too seriously.  Over time this has clearly softened, but even back in the 90's they definitely knew how to still have fun. 

Radio Radio

In 1995, Pearl Jam broadcast Self Pollution Radio - a four-hour special broadcast to any radio station that wanted to play it. I think you really find out who someone is by their music choices, and Self Pollution Radio featured everything from The Gits, to The Frogs, to the Who (obvi).  I actually still have this on CD somewhere. 

The Best Backing Band EVER

In 1995, the boys teamed up with Uncle Neil to record his Mirror Ball album. Not only was that a great album in itself, it may have saved the band. A two-song EP Merkin Ball was subsequently released, featuring two of my favorite PJ songs, I Got ID and Long Road.

The Best Live Band EVER

No need for fancy lights or pyro.  Pearl Jam are so good, Eddie so commanding, that all they need to give you the show of your life, is amps and speakers. 

They Give Back

Pearl Jam are one of the most socially aware bands of our generation and do great things through their Vitalogy Foundation. In fact, we are partners with them and $2 of every ticket sold to this year's Deck The Hall Ball go to benefit their Foundation. Cool!

It's Evolution Baby!

Pearl Jam never rested on the success of previous albums, fearlessly changing up their sound (and drummers), never compromising sonic progress. 


Helping local charities, playing flag football with Gregr, listening to the End while picking their kids up from school, Pearl Jam is and will always be SEATTLE.  If that isn't worth your vote, then what is?

Red or blue? Republican or Democrat? Soccer Mom or Angry carrot?  NONE OF THE ABOVE.  This year, choose Pearl Jam.  

You can rock the vote for them HERE.