Washington's Favorite Halloween Candy Is....

October 18, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner, which means scary movies and haunted houses and most importantly candy! Remember maticulously planning your trick or treat route to make sure you hit all the houses that you heard were giving out full candy bars (the crowning achievement of any successful T or T adventure)?  Or the satisfaction you would get when you tricked your dumb little brother to trade you a 100 Grand for some dumb candy corn?  Good times for sure.  Ever wonder what candy was the most popular? Well according to this survey, in WA, Tootsie Pops take the crown. But being the most popular doesn't always mean the best. Grab a bag of M&M's or break off a piece of that Kit Kat bar, and check out our list of the best Halloween candy....

Honorable Mention- ANY full sized candy bar/box of candy- Was there anything more exciting as a kid than running up to a house, ringing the door bell, and being rewarded with a full size candy bar?  NOPE! And it didn't even matter if the candy was good or not.  Full candy bars were the equivalent of owning a fancy car for kids. "Oh, you're eating a tiny Milky Way? That's cute, I'll just smash this 2 foot long Butterfinger! 

759- Candy Corn.  Gross. Just gross. 

5- Heath Bar.  Lets be honest, the only time you ever eat a Heath Bar is on Halloween or when you get it in a DQ Blizzard.  And that's dumb, because Heath Bars are rad!  Plus, for whatever reason, they seem fancy. Maybe because of the toffee?

4- Starburst.  Important to note, this could jump up to #2 if you get double pinks but also drop to #746 if you get double yellow.  Just unwrapping the candy is an adventure, and therefore belongs on the list. Lets split the difference and put it at #3

3- Butterfinger.  As mysterious as the disappearance of DB Cooper and the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body, no one really knows what Butterfingers are made of. They're crumbly, they're sweet and sultry at the same time, they're perfect. 

2- Snickers.  Snickers bars are like the buffet of candy.  Want some chocolate. Snickers.  Nougat? Snickers. Peanuts? Snickers. Caramel? Yup, Snickers.  Plus they get bonus points for amazing adverts like this

1- Peanut Butter Cup.  Because peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in Heaven, and sometimes thats all you need.  John and Paul. Batman and Robin. Payton and Kemp. Peanut butter and chocolate. Perfect.