Ways to Take Out a Drone, Ranked.

February 23, 2017

There's been a lot of stories in the news this week about animals wrecking drones.

First it was reported that France was training eagles to snatch unwanted drones right out of the sky. Then a pack of angry Siberian tigers turned a drone into an afternoon snack in China.

It got me thinking, in the not so distant future when drones are buzzing around all over the sky, some delivering pizzas, some trying to peek on you in the shower, what would be the best way to knock one out of the sky? 


8) Scramble its signal. I imagine someone much much smarter than me has already worked this out. Out of jealousy, this comes in 8th. Sorry, nerd.

7) Gun. Certainly effective, but also extremely dangerous, especially if you have the accuracy of a Storm Trooper.

6) Hit it with a rock. Scissors beats paper. Paper beats rock. Rock beats scissors and most definitely beats drone.

5) Water. Not only would it be awesome to send a mini spy copter crashing to the ground by smoking it with a super soaker, but since you would short a bunch of wires I bet it would shoot sparks and smoke and stuff. Anything that short circuits and shoots sparks is totally acool.

4) Throwing a ball at it. Primal, but not as basic as the rock idea. I heard that if you can hit a drone from 100ft with a baseball the Mariners will sign you on the spot. Can not confirm....yet.

3) Boomerang. Imagine it. You are walking down the street, whistling the intro to The Black Parade when you hear a scream. A scream from a beautiful woman, startled by a drone hovering outside her window. You think fast, and fire your trusty boomerang at the vehicle, sending it crashing back to Earth. The beautiful woman looks around to see who her hero is, you lock eyes right as your trusty boomerang returns to your hand. You shoot her the look. Boom. Happily Ever After yada yada yada. 

2) Animals. Eagles, tigers, curious giraffes, all awesome ideas.  Bugs could crawl inside it and destroy the drone from the inside. Snakes could wrap themselves around the propellers until they snapped off. The possibilities here are nearly endless, the animal kingdom is SO savage.  

1) Another Drone. SO META!  If you took out a drone with another drone, you would be the King of the Drones and sit on the Drone Throne for all of your days, until you pass away and get carried off to heaven on the wings of a golden drone.  I can't think of anything cooler than that!

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