What's on YOUR Summer Camp Playlist?

One listener sent us her Summer Camp 2016 playlist

June 15, 2016

I like music, and you like music. My favorite thing in the world is playing music for you, but I also love when you return the favor and hit us back with some of YOUR favorite songs.  With 16 (!) bands on the Summer Camp bill this year, there is A LOT of music to check out from all the bands before the big show. We've already posted a few of our favorite songs and picks to become fan favorites (everything Kaleo jussayin), now its time to hear from you.

Valerie Forsythe has been an End listener since day 1 and sent us her Summer Camp 2016 playlist and I must say, it's quite impressive. Check it out below, with her thoughts on the 10 "essential" Summer Camp 2016 songs! 


Kaleo: Way Down We Go

Grrrr (rolling the “r”)…Love the dark, gritty sound. I think I’m more excited to see them at Summer Camp than any other band. I’ve only heard a few songs, but I’m sold on them! They are also on my “Chill Grooves” and “Rhythm & Dance” Spotify mixes.

Chef’special: In Your Arms

This sounds like a sweet, love song and I dig the lead vocals. I need to listen to more of their tunes!

Hey Marseilles: West Coast

These guys are great live performers! I chose this song, because it reminds me of home. I love everything about their folkestral pop sound, from Matt Bishop’s soothing vocals, to their montage of extremely talented musicians and eclectic instrumentals. And they are just really nice guys. We are lucky to have such a talented local band such as them. I have been to more of their live performances than any other band since they first formed (I think I’ve seen them 10+ times now, from when they were a seven-piece band that used to squeeze together on the tiny stage at Neumos and The Tractor Tavern, or at the Capitol Hill Block Party, to the most recent SOLD OUT show at The Showbox). It’s been fun to support them and watch them grow in the music scene. I do think they need to mix some of Philip’s accordion sound back in on the next album.

The Wombats: Let’s Dance To Joy Division

So fun! I love everything I’ve heard from them.

Barns Courtney: Fire

When I first heard him, I was hooked! Sometimes you have to hear things a few times before they grow on you, but not Barns Courtney. His voice has a bit of a Cajun/southern sound, and is such an awesome mix with the rhythmic, gritty rock sound of the band. I was surprised to find out he is British and can’t wait to hear more!

KONGOS: I’m Only Joking

I’m a big fan of dark, tribal music, and the first time I heard this was on one of my favorite werewolf/vampire shows, “Hemlock Grove.” It’s wonderful for it’s dark-sounding, tribal beat and rhythmic chanting. These brothers are oozing with talent, following in their dad’s footsteps. They would make the BEST DRUM CIRCLE EVER!

Kris Orlowski: Believer

I first heard of him about two years ago and got a chance to see him perform in a small Everett bar. I’m a fan of his harmonic folk pop. Thanks to Everett Music Initiative (EMI) for putting Everett on the music map!

AWOLNATION: Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

I like this song because there is just something about anything wolf… I have been a fan of Bruno’s vocals since I first heard him in the band “Under The Influence of Giants”.

The Strumbellas: Shovels & Dirt

This is a fun sing-along song. I like the folky vibe and love to listen to it outdoors on a nice day, as loud as possible. It’s great music for outdoor summer parties.

Bishop Briggs: River

I just love the lead vocalist, who ranges her breathy, sweet voice with the strong tone all in one piece that blends well with the acoustical rockin' beats.

Solid list right?  If you want to share your playlist with the rest of Seattle, find us on Twitter and use the hashtag #ILikeMusicULikeMusic. Its the best! See you all at Summer Camp 2016.

Grab your tickets HERE (I suggest Camp Counselor packages!) as you can tell from this playlist, the show is going to be amazing. No, AMAZING. No, TOTES AMAZING!


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