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In with a whimper and out with a bang: SXSW Day 3

March 18, 2017

I think there's a saying that goes like "in with a bang, out with a whimper" or something like that. Drake probably said it or something. Anyway, today was that, but opposite. I woke up embarrassingly hungover and didn't even leave my hotel until 1:00 p.m. And on St. Paddy's Day no less!

C'mon Manley, ya donk. Not a good start, but the finish. Whoa baby!

Our office has elevators that you push the floor number from the outside and it's ruined me. No less than 5x this weekend have I got on a lift and just sat there waiting for it to go down, but it won't, because I have chosen a floor yet. What an idiot.

You know the bbq is good when a room full of radio hosts goes silent.

First band of the night was Sundara Karma. One of those bands that sounds just like their recordings live, VERY good band. Listen to "Flame" and "She Said."

Mondo Cozmo was up next and we are officially grooving. I'm a sucker for a good cover so they won me over when they closed with "Bittersweet Symphony."

Cool to see New Politics play their new single live for the first time ever. Those guys are the best.

Up next was Weezer. The cool thing about short shows is that it's all killer no filler (again, probably a Drake quote). "Hash pipe," "Beverly hills," "Perfect Situation," their new song, the sweater song, etc. Good times and great to have Weezer back!

I ended the night at Future Islands. Such an amazing live show. The lead singer looks like he just got done doing someone's taxes and decided to hit up an open mic. Really strange. That said, he gives you 10000% during the show and the band slays.

Went to a rooftop party and got to hang with Lo Moon, Trapdoor Social, The Regrets, and Troi Irons. It amount of work these bands do during the week is insane, so impressive. Meeting the band's was cool but the best part was being able to sit in the sun. I might even have a tan line!

Used the hands down worst port-a-potty ever last night.  It will haunt my dreams for weeks.

Does Pizza ever not sound good at 3:00 a.m.? I was barely alive, feet killing me, voice shot,  and half asleep. Yet when my buddy was like "y'all wanna stop and get pizza?" there wasn't even a moment of hesitation. The answer to late night pizza is always yes.

Starting your day with a debilitating hang over and ending it with seeing New Politics/Weezer/Future Island VIP style list a hell of a rally, you guys. Almost the perfect metaphor for SXSW in general. Fight through the pain nd by the end you'll have had the best time ever.

Bands I saw: Sundara Karma, Mondo Cozmo, New Politics, Weezer, Future Islands

Noms: a massive amount of bbq. A lot of shows are at Stubb's and there's never time to eat, so when you can combine to two, you make the most of it. Their hot links are lit btw.

The real MVP: The sun! Man, sitting on that roof, soaking up all that vitamin D was so great. Can't wait to do it back home at Captain Black's!

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