Michael Powel

White Reaper killed SXSW. You should know who they are

This is #NewMusicDiscovery at its finest

March 24, 2016

I had a great time at SXSW,  but the best 50 minutes of the entire week were spent in a tiny bar watching the band White Reaper melt all the faces.

The thing about being a radio guy at a festival like this is that you get dragged all over Austin by record labels to check out bands.  Don’t get me wrong, its SUPER cool (especially when you end up at a house party with Cage the Elephant, or side-stage for Iggy Pop) but sometimes you just want to shut it down and catch a punk rock show. That's what I did Friday night, and it was incredible. So incredible, in fact, that I had to hit you guys up about their music and talk to the band to see if they had as much fun at their show as I did.

I like music, you like music. Say hello to White Reaper.

MANLEY: First of all, thank you for providing me with a rowdy, loud, amazing show at SXSW on Friday night.  It was just what I needed after being herded around to showcase after showcase.  How was your SXSW experience?

WHITE REAPER: It was basically perfect for us! We got to see all our dudes from other bands and labels. There were a bunch of open bars and things like that, and we still had time to hang out and see shows!

MANLEY: What’s it like for a band at SXSW?  Do you ever have a minute to catch your breath and soak it all in or is it just go go go?

WHITE REAPER: It's really fun! On Thursday we had five shows, so it was really cool to stay busy all day and drive around town different gigs to different people, plus it was St. Patricks day, there a lot of funny hats.

MANLEY: Your keyboard player spends as much time in the crowd as he does behind the keys.  For people that may have never been to a White Reaper show, how do explain what seeing you live is like?

WHITE REAPER: It's hard to say man, it;s hard to imagine what other people are thinking. I guess we just blow by ya in a pretty loud blur

MANLEY: What is the craziest thing that has happened during one of your live shows

WHITE REAPER: There's been fights, there's been puke, people kiss each other sometimes, our buddy Sal brought a lit jack 'o' lantern into the "pit" one halloween, Nick got sick and ran off stage one time and we pulled a dude out of the crowd to play black sabbath and kiss covers, there's a lot of stuff it's hard to say

MANLEY: Did you ever find the guy that stole your stuff in Austin?  That is the weakest thing ever!

WHITE REAPER: As of today we got a phone number AND an address, so i'm pretty sure that kid is gonna get fucked!

• • • 

Go follow White Reaper on Twitter and go listen to their stuff on Bandcamp!