Why We Miss The Sonics

May 3, 2017

There has been a TON of news lately regarding the construction of a new arena that would hopefully bring back our Sonics. One day it's going in SODO, the next it's a new Key Arena, then it's back to SODO, THEN it's back to a renovated Key.

People are trying so hard to bring back the Sonics, even Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster are working together! So what's the big deal? Why do we need the Sonics back when we have plenty of other pro sports teams already calling the Emerald City home?

Well, let me show you.  Here is what we miss about the Seattle SuperSonics...

Jack Sikma’s perm
Jack Sikma never averaged less than 10 ppg as a Sonic, he was an All Rookie, and All Defender, as well as NBA champion. But the only thing that matters is that he was a 7ft tall white guy with the tightest perm possibly ever. Like seeing the sun set over the Pacific, or Mount Rainier appearing on the horizon when the skies are the clearest, those blonde locks were a sight to see, dare I say transcendent.

Watching the best ballers in WA play in the NBA
If you turn on the NBA Playoffs right now, you will see Isaiah Thomas doing amazing things for the Boston Celtics. He is from Washington. So are NBA ballers Jamal Crawford (best crossover on Earth), Zach Lavine (dunk champ), Jason Terry, and Marvin Williams, to name a few.  And lets not forget about Nate the Great! He can jump out of the gym AND make some of the best chicken and waffles in Seattle! It's trash that we don't get to see these amazing LOCAL athletes play at the highest level in their hometown. It's even worse that if we do want to check them out we have to go to Portland. Gross.

Photo by Greg M. Cooper | USA Today Sports

Kevin Durant
I consider him the last Sonic. The love he showed for this city during the last year of basketball here, as well as everything he still does for this community deserve respect and praise. Now that he isn't with the Not Sonics (I will never call them by their real name) I hope he wins 10 NBA Championships.  Of course I mean a few with Golden State, and then the rest here in Seattle when we finally get a team back. And make no mistake, WHEN the Sonics come back, he will suit up for them at some point. Guaranteed! 

1979 - The George Washington Series
Long before the Seahawks spanked the Broncos or the Sounders raised the trophy as MLS champs, or the Mariners.....well......The Sonics were Seattle's champions.  Led by Dennis Johnson and Gus Williams, the Sonics beat the Washington Bullets in 5 games to give Seattle its first NBA title.

Pookie Sam Perkins 
Outside of Kendall Gill saying that he suffered from depression while living here because of the weather, Pookie Sam Perkins, The Big Smooth, is probably the most Seattle player ever, right? Dude would sit outside the arc, launching three pointers like they were layups.

Complaining about Jim McIlvaine's Contract
Seven years, 33.6 million. Instead of using that money to sign the Reign Man to an extention, the Sonics decided that upgrading the center position was more important. Of course, this upset Kemp, he went to Cleveland, the Sonics collapsed, and Jim McIlvaine never averaged more than 4 ppg for Seattle.  So why is this on the list? Well, for one, Jim McIlvaine is from my hometown of Racine, WI and was a jerk to me once, so putting him on blast is totally payback. Petty? YOU BET! But also because this was a HUGE moment in Sonic history.  Seriously, walk up to anyone on the street and ask them about the 1979 NBA finals...they will know nothing.  Just say Jim McIlvaine's name and watch their face pucker worse than the time you drank the blue stuff in the unicorn frap. Oh god....I just mentioned Starbucks in a Sonics blog.  I am the WORST!

Kevin Calabro
The voice of the Seattle Sonics. The man who nearly had a heart attack everytime Shawn Kemp put someone on a poster (which was often.) The man who had the option to follow the Sonics to that other city but chose not to. LEGEND. Seriously, listen to how great he is on the mic. Kevn Calabro could do play by play while you ate breakfast and make it sound like the most exciting thing ever. 

Ray Allen from the corner
Ray Allen is one of my favorite basketball players of all time.  He not only brought my hometown Bucks back from obscurity, but he also was a part of the last kick ass version of the Sonics.  He scored 50 pts in a game. Hit 10 three pointers in another. And put the Sonics on his back in 2005 and led them to the Western Conference Semi Finals. You guys, he even trash talked Kobe Bryant while with the Sonics. Thankfully he was traded away in 2007 so we didn't have to see him and Kevin Durant dropping three pointers on everyone's heads together for that other team. Gross.

Payton and Kemp
No list of greatest NBA duos is complete without the addition of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, so they should be grouped together on this list as well. Payton, the cocky defensive bulldog with the uncanny ability to throw the perfect lob to a soaring Kemp from practically anywhere on the court. Kemp, the ferocious dunker who developed in to one of the best low post players of his generation. Seattle was the coolest place on the planet in the 90's and Payton and Kemp were every bit a part of that image as Vedder and Cobain . And while there were better pairings in the NBA, no two players played the game with such flair, such tenacity, such FUN. Each guy was so unique, I don't think we've ever seen anything like it. Griffey, Payton, Kemp, greatest Seattle sports figures of all time. Well, them and.....

15,000 points in the NBA. 2x NBA sixth man of the year. 3x NBA All Star. The best foreign player to play in the league before it became a thing. A dead eye shooter from anywhere on the court. A Washington Husky. The star of Parks and Rec. The man who made flat tops cool in the 90s (which were later ruined by Vanilla Ice when he started carving lines in the side of his stupid head.) And most importantly, the dude who puts up with my nonsense on twitter just about every single time I post a poll. Detlef came to the Sonics in 1992, becoming the calming force and perfect compliment on the court to Payton and Kemp. In fact, the Sonics never missed the playoffs while Detlef was on the team, and would've won an NBA title had it not been for Michael Jordan. Plain and simple, Detlef Schrempf is the &#%&ing man, you guys. He was a great Sonic and an even better Pacific Northwesterner. In fact, he is still doing great things for the PNW, check out his foundation page HERE!  Man, I can't wait to see him help us all welcome back the Seattle SuperSonics some day soon.  Heck, I bet when they do come back he could still play for them!  I mean, he could at least put up Jim McIlvaine numbers......right? DAMN, I miss the Sonics. BRING THEM BACK!!!

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