Your Song Changed My LIfe- With The Local Natives

July 13, 2016

I like music, you like music and of course, your favorite bands like music.

"What song changed your life?"

I was asked this question a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Music is such an amazing thing from how it can turn smiles in to tears or take you from your car to half-way across the world with just a few notes, that I became fascinated with finding out what other people's life-changing songs were.

This week, I checked in with our Discover & Download band Local Natives to see what song blew their minds.

- - - - - -

Fleetwood Mac "Sara"

I recently had an upswell of appreciation for Fleetwood Mac, and in the wake of that, Ryan, one of my band-mates, was like, "Oh you'd love this song, have you heard Sara?" As soon as he played it for me, I started to tear up.  Everything about it got to me.

The production of the song, how intimate and small it felt, like the brushes on the drums were holding you like a hammock, but then massive with the few instruments they used swirling together in a sea of reverb. Their voices holding hers up, the community I felt from that. The hopeful sadness of the lyrics. I've realized I look to music for catharsis and help, so the slower songs have always resonated with me the most.

Stevie has always channeled something otherworldly melancholic with her vocals, but this had an even more heart-wrenching feel to it than I've heard from her before.  I learned later it was a song to her unborn child. It was her catharsis. It scares me to think that such horrible things can create such beauty, but I guess if the way we cope with life is beautiful, then I'll take that. I mean it must have been unimaginable for her, because it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life.  

- Kelcey Ayer


What song changed your life? Let us know in the comments below.