Your Song Changed My Life- with Young The Giant

June 10, 2016

I like music, you like music, and of course your favorite bands like music as well.

"What song changed your life?"

I was asked this question a few weeks ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Music is such an amazing thing, how it can turn smiles to tears or take you from your car to half way across the world with just a few notes, that I became fascinated with finding out what other people's chosen songs were. This week I asked Summer Camp 2016 headliner Young The Giant the same question and this is what their frontman Samir had to say:

- - - - - -

"There comes a moment, one song in the beginning of any listener's musical journey, that lights the once dark path with shimmering colors of amazingness so clearly that the listener sees the road before and ahead of them, prompting the question, "How can I feel this way all the time?" That was the question burning in my mind the very first time I heard "Airbag," the opener off Radiohead's masterpiece OK Computer. 

After school one day during seventh grade, an old crush, one who I had to admit was way more cultured than me and therefore way beyond my league, handed me a nondescript CD (yes, we used CDs). I had just started noodling on the guitar a few years earlier, joking around in garages with my friends under the falsehood of a "band," but up until that point, I really didn't understand what it was to be a musician, nor did I want to. And then I put that shining CD in my walkman, and took the most amazing walk home of my life. The leaves were beginning to drop in the first whispers of California fall, and I pulled my hoodie up close to my cheeks, headphones blasting.

From the first five seconds, Johnny Greenwood's blaring guitar lick lifted me out of the musical Dark Ages and into the Renaissance, where things smelled sweeter, and the world was more incomprehensible and beautiful, dark and deep. I put that song on repeat about twenty times after that before I could listened to anything else. Afterwards, that question burned in my head for a great while, and I realized that my answer was to attempt to write my own music; To be a part of something greater. To this day, I can't put on "Airbag" without transporting to that time, and starting it over and over and over again." -Samir, Young The Giant.

I hope they cover it at Summer Camp 2016

What song changed your life?