Matisyahu @ Showbox 10.16.14

October 17, 2014

There is something about reggae music that just makes me happy.  It does.  Any time I hear a reggae song I feel good.  I don't know why I don't listen to it all the time now that I think about it.  Matisyahu performed at the Showbox Thursday night and before he even took the stage the crowd was dancing.  I don't mean the typical Seattle..too cool for school, slow head bob, avoid eye contact dancing.  I'm talking about full-on arms up, spinning in circles uninhibited, joyful dancing.  Yes, I know that some of this happiness may have potentially been chemically induced but it doesn't change a thing.  Reggae music brings people joy. 

Matisyahu is in the middle of an extensive North American tour in support of his new album 'Akeda' which is a Hebrew word that refers to the near sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham in the Bible.  The subject of the album is pretty heavy.  It deals with the intense loneliness and isolation of life on the road, processing complex feelings of betrayal from former friends and fans, as well the breakdown of longstanding relationships.  The subject matter clearly contradicts the happiness I feel when listening to the music so maybe I'm a bit twisted.  Well, that's clearly been established already but what can I do about it? 

Matisyahu started singing while he was still in the green room which I thought was a clever way to get things going.  By the time he got to the stage he was already in the groove.  His stage presence is slow and methodical but there was an undeniable energy coming from the him.  It was an awesome concert. 

Mat Hayward
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