WATCH: The Glorious Sons Take You on a Canadian Road Trip & Talk Live Shows [Pt. 3]

November 17, 2017
The Glorious Sons


In support of their recently released album Young Beauties & Fools, The Glorious SonsBrett and Jay Emmons, Chris Huot, Chris Koster, and Adam Paquette—have been touring their way through North America. And while they’re currently winding their way through The States, they’ve already driven across Canada a minimum of, oh, 10 times, playing over 300 shows in support of their last album. But who’s counting?

We’re not. But we were curious to hear what the Kingston, Ontario-based rockers had to say about their multiple cross-country treks. From its expansive wilderness to its metropolises, Canada has a lot to offer.

Let the band’s Jay and Brett give their recommendations on the must-see places in Canada in our exclusive video below!

All this tour talk got us thinking: When you’re on the road that long, how do you keep each show so fresh? Jay has said that you never know what the band’s going to deliver from night to night, and Brett told us, “It’s kind of like a train that’s about to fall off the tracks at any moment.”

But he can tell you more about that in the exclusive interview below.

Catch their latest single, “Everything Is Alright,” below!